2003-10-11 17:00:29 ET

Okay, so I'm in Salt Spring Island, BC.

ADDENDUM piccie:

Me n' me sister have crashed at some friends of the family who live here.

Vancouver is terrific. Seriously. This 'Canadia' is a pretty wicked place. Very sleekly designed, but also some cool grungy places.

Only thing is, I'm pretty 'shopped out'. 2+ months in America have taken a tolll on my shopping drive, and not only do I not have any more money, but I'm just sorta sick of it. I see cheap stuff, and say 'eh, I don't feel like buying anymore'.

Okay, I did buy myself another discus, but other than that, I've been clean. :)

I went to see the new Tarantino flic yesterday night. Good shit, but it feels like half a movie. No catharsis, no nuffin', just cut in the middle, with a comics-book-like cliffhanger.

Other than that, I've decided to start chilling. The past few weeks have been pretty intense with nature and sightseeing and driving and stuff. So I've starting reading a bit (Coraline by Neil Gaiman and a science book about SuperString theory), I wanna just relax for a bit...
I mean, I'm on vacation, ya'know.

So, from here on the gameplan is as such:

Leave Vancouver, head to Seattle
be in Seattle for a bit (yay!)
down the 101 to Frisco
be in San Fransisco (yay!)
head off to sin city Las Vegas, through Yosemite
visit Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam
Vegas for a bit (yay!)
Zion, Bryce (?)
head to LA
sell car
be in LA for a bit (yay!)
take flight from LAX to TA on the 6th back home.


2003-10-11 17:11:22 ET

vegas, eh? I think you'll get stuck there due to lack of funds to get to LA 0_0

buy me stufffffffffffffffffffff :<<><><><>>><><><><><

2003-10-11 17:19:00 ET

Oh, Canadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Didn't we have a conversation about how Canada was presumed to be not real in your eyes? ;)
Man, when you go to Northern California, you are gonna be like, " I want to live here." Any area of the world that could spawn ME has got to be the shizz, right?
I'm glad you're still having so much fun. Take care in Sin City; don't end up semi lobotomised from too much Bosco and living a life of obscurity thereafter. I'm sure we will get many more updates along the way though, so I won't even jump the gun too much :D

2003-10-11 23:40:16 ET

did you get to go to the places i told you about in Vancouver? how did you like them? ;)

2003-10-12 07:37:40 ET

Kill Bill is only part one, there are gonna be the other parts to it coming out soon.

2003-10-12 08:26:46 ET

There are high chances that I'll wake up in Tijuana with a 'mom' tattoo on my left arm and no kidney.

Maya - We went there, but they seemed kinda dodgy. The park was closed, and the street is just fooya.. But no worries. We got the Vancouver experience elsewhere ;)

Angel - it's Part 1 of 2. The reason is Tarantino was filming, and it was just a whole lotta film and editing and stuff, so to convince Miramax to keep backing him, he told them it was gonna be 2 movies.
It was not planned as 2, it's just too much film to put into 1 movie (afterall, why make one 4.5 hour movie, when you can make 2, and hit the box office twice?)

2003-10-13 06:01:57 ET

i liked coraline.

2003-10-13 10:39:00 ET

me too.

2003-10-14 12:49:52 ET

me three.

2003-10-14 13:19:14 ET

If you haven't read them yet, read Neverwhere and Good Omens...both FANTASTIC Gaiman reads.

In other news, have a great time in SF and Yosemite! I have lived just outside of both places, and they are both glorious. Aah.

2003-10-26 10:39:11 ET

added a pic from Salt Spring Island. Zee Rainbow.

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