2003-10-14 13:02:30 ET

Wow, Seattle is as great as I remembered it..!

So laid back and beautiful with an awesome waterfront and redbrick houses, ol' chicago style buildings alongside these rollercoasterish highways and platforms, space needle and other junk.

Tre cool. Yep, I think I could live here too. :]

I'm considering staying here till friday and catching KMFDM or to move on to Portland on friday and catch E-Craft/Terrorkraft... hmmm..

I also might catch The Strokes in Frisco on the 21st, yay!

Wow, it's already mid-October.. Time sure does fly. Before I know it, I'll be back home...

I guess it'll be good to be back home.. I miss everybody terribly..!

anywayz, I'm out to drink beer/coffee (yes they actually drink a whole lot of coffee here) and some virtual shopping..

ADDENDUM: piccies:

The Space Needle, or as my sister called it 'The Sky Pin'.

The Wharf..

American Beauty style pic of something absolutely mundane, but still hypnotizingly beautiful:

2003-10-14 13:45:14 ET


i luv seattle too, hafta get back there..AND YOU'RE GETTING SO CLOSE TO ME!

when you hit cali we MUST meet up and have ze mad sex!!

2003-10-14 18:45:41 ET

ah right on, I went to the space needle when I went up there this summer with my dad. that's quite a monolith.

It's all about the west coast scene. :)

2003-10-14 23:16:26 ET

E-Craft & Terrorkraft are playing here on Monday the 21st. FYI.
I can't wait to hang out with you, show you what's happening in this town... ;)

2003-10-15 16:56:52 ET

aight people!

I didn't go the space needle, since, I figure after seein the CN Tower in Toronto, you've seen em' all. (plus, I was on it last time I was here, and also, there was crappy weather so I wouldn't have seen much anyway).

What I did do is go to the EMP, which just fucking rocked.

Maya - I'mma gonna give ya a call tomorrow, no sweat.
I won't be here for E-Craft, but we're goin to KMFDM, and I'll be seeing (maybe) The Strokes in SF on the 21st, so it's all goooood. :)))

Lars - Where the eff are you?

2003-10-15 23:11:54 ET

It's ok that you didn't go on the space needle... There's really no point in this nasty (but typical) weather.
I'm so happy that you're gonna be here for KMFDM!!! there were still tickets left last time i checked tell me tomorrow if you want me to order tickets. ^_^

2003-10-16 12:35:32 ET

the anaheim area right near l.a./hollywood...with any luck, ill be sticking around here...slight possibility of moving northward, but if that happens ill let you know

2003-10-20 15:50:50 ET

Thanks Maya for everything!

Dude - We're so gonna meetup. Pm y0 detailz.

2003-10-20 15:55:02 ET


2003-10-26 10:45:12 ET

added some pix..

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