California Uber Alles
2003-10-20 16:23:29 ET

I'm in Frisco!

Seattle was ultracool. Thanks Maya for showin' me around n' stuff, and the KMFDM gig was r0ckin (though 1 encore was NOT enough; KMFDM sucks! ;))

I don't have time to update much, but the 101 over here was simply amazing. THAT's what I call an ocean.

laterz, y0!

the 6th is approaching so fast..

2003-10-20 16:29:19 ET

I can't believe you'll miss Melotron!!!

(not really)

just tell me when you're getting back

2003-10-20 16:29:32 ET

"KMFDM sucks!" lol! :p

2003-10-20 16:33:06 ET

I love san francisco. you should visit the cartoon art museum there, it's cool...if you like cartoons.

2003-10-20 17:22:22 ET

do you like cartoons shay?:)

anyway, have fun at cali, man. thats one place i wanna be in for a while....
about the kmfdm show, well, up to this moment i never imagened them playing live. i just did and i must thank you for the good laugh:)))

2003-10-21 09:05:36 ET

uhm, I don't really like Melotron anyway Noa ;)
Like I said, I'm comin back the 6th. I'll land on the 7th me thinks.

Cartoooooooooooooons hooray! I'll look into it.

Itay - hey, it was pretty cool. :)

2003-10-21 10:24:23 ET

YES! You are in the Great Golden State, and not only that, but the land of my birth! I'm glad you are having fun. You should go on a goofy ass gold-mining tour where go get the 'pan for gold,' as if you're gonna hit the jackpot or something, hahahaa.
and I haven't said it in a while, but your pictures are really great. They really give so many awesome slices of the states. I just wish they didn't take so damn long to load, dumb computer!
and hey....if you want some recommendations on places to go in the bay area, just ask me. Man I wish I was there right now, grrr! HAVE FUN! :D

2003-10-22 20:14:25 ET

oh, wow, thanks Lila! I'm having a terrific time in zee bay area, spending money I don't have..!

I'll be postin' about it soon.. Sadly, no jack for my USB cable, so no new piccies, but thanks again. .. :)

You know, cuz of you I post on trekshare site thing too.

2003-10-23 03:42:33 ET

Sweet! Is your trekshare name telecart? Tell me what it is so's I can check it out!

2003-10-25 16:55:12 ET

yep yep.

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