Saaaan Fraaaaan
2003-10-22 20:23:36 ET

Woah, frisco is neato ! (c)

We;ve been staying with friends of the family in Sausalito, who are totally cool folks who have a design firm. They showed us around a bit for the basics, and then we set foot on our own. We treked all along Chinatown (it's like the biggiest chinatown ever), Fisherman's Warf was pretty cool, but very reminscent of Seattle's warf.
Then we went to see a concert downtown, The Strokes with Kings of Leon and Regina Specter. It was pretty rockin'. The Strokes were drunk out of their minds, and they sang a few songs off their new album which isn't out yet, so it was pretty awesome. The crowd was (again) sorta dissapointing. I dunno. People just don't jump here like they do back home .. Maybe I've grown old. Heh.

Ashbury-Haight and The Mission are these relics from the dog-dirty-hippie times, totally grungy and cool, with vintage shops, vinyl, comics, anarchist bookstores, the works. Awesome stuff. Amoeba Records is the single biggest music store I have ever seen in my life, I felt like a kid lost in Hippie Disneyworld.
Later on we drove out to Berkley, another relic from the 60's, only not as dirty and scummy. It had a cool vibe to it. Seriously, if I didn't know that it was doomed to sink into the ocean after some heavy tectonic movements, I'd so live here...
Then again, it's not exactly a 'young' town, so maybe it's just cool to be a tourist here...

Anyway, tomorrow we leave frisco for Yosemite NP, and the day after we hit Sin City Las Vegas ! weeeee

2003-10-22 20:28:45 ET

San Francisco rocks.

2003-10-22 20:29:44 ET

Cleveland Rocks!

2003-10-22 20:38:42 ET

Wooo getting closer to us down here you are!!

And there's an Amoeba on Hollywood Blvd. I need to take that store in trips, it's just TOOO much for little ol' ADD me to disgest in one visit.

2003-10-23 06:36:17 ET

Dude, you know what's actually happening to SF? It is slowly moving north, and in 10,000+ years, it will be in shit. By the way, earthquakes are nto that big of a deal. Don't be a pussy; move to the Bay Area :D

2003-10-23 09:57:00 ET

woah man...14 days!
just don't lose all your money :\

2003-10-25 17:19:58 ET

missy - Oh yeah, I was totally shocked there. I didn't know what to do with myself.
Lila - hehe, I kid I kid. If I were to happen upon a US citizenship, I'd definately put the bay area into consideration.. Though, honestly, I'm more of a Manhattan person.
Noa - Don't worry 'bout me, I put the 'bling' in 'gambling'.

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