2003-10-29 10:13:34 ET

Vegas is so sleazy and so much fun.

We're staying with some friends of my sister, who just moved here from Hoboken, NJ. They showed me a good system for Roullettes.

Oh yeah, I put the 'bling' in 'gambling'.

Well, I actually lost like 10 bucks, but since I had 2 Coronas and a White Russian from those skimpy-dressed-grandma-cocktail-waitresses (puke), I think I'm still ahead ;-)

I'm startin to get concerned about gettin on my flight.
Because of the wildfires, and basically So.Cal. burning to the ground. The road from Vegas to LA is closed, and so is LAX airport, where I'm supposed to board.

Nevermind all the death and unmitigated destruction, I wanna go home..!


2003-10-29 10:15:13 ET

stinky cheese!

2003-10-29 10:21:29 ET


2003-10-29 11:45:04 ET

Not that I am trying to make light of the situation, as the Golden State is my homeland and I am hopeful for the safty of all my friends and their friends, BUT, I find I have created an amusing mental picture of you pushing carbonized remains out of your way in the midst of nature's wrath whining loudly, "Just let me get on the plane, goddamn it!"
So have you committed any wrongs that adhere to the Sin City rule 'What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas?' No offence to the city or anything, but that has got to be the world's worst slogan for a location, right up there with "Oklahoma is OK." And the state who's motto is "Show-me." I forget which state that is....

2003-10-29 15:34:28 ET

*bursts into laughter*

That's exactly the image I was trying to convey ;)

Sadly, Vegas's 'sin city' image really only pertains to the fact that you can still smoke here inside and drink on the streets, much like everywhere else in the world outside the united states.
Other than that, it's Disneyland for 'adults' (I use the term loosely).

Oh, and my personal fav. slogan is Reno's The Biggest Little City In The World.

2003-10-29 18:09:02 ET

Oh man dude...OH MAN....I can't even tell you how much I hate Reno.

2003-10-30 01:41:20 ET

I just like Reno911! on Comedy Central ;)

2003-10-30 04:58:22 ET

Hahahha; that show rules! I love the one female cop who is always saying, "White people are CRAZY."

2003-10-30 09:29:02 ET

hehehe, I love Officer Dangle (the gay guy who wears short-shorts) and Deputy Johnson (the blonde bimbo). They kill me.

2003-10-30 09:56:38 ET

Wow; you're super down with that show...i watch it every week and I still don't remember all the charactor's names

2003-10-30 10:33:06 ET

haha, I actually remember most of the actor's names too.
I'm insane in that way (and I remember some of them from MTV's The State).

2003-10-30 13:27:45 ET

YES! The State Ruled. i know most of the actor's names myself for that very reason. :D

2003-10-31 07:26:06 ET

'I'm Doug and your dad, and I'm outtaa heeeeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaa'

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