2003-11-01 00:15:20 ET

I'm tired so I'll be brief..

I went to see Deftones. They were warmed up by Denali and some other crap-metal group. The venue (Cox Pavillion) looked like my gym from high school, and it was half empty. How sucky for Mr. Moreno. The concert itself was okayish - good energies and stuff, and the little crowd that came was very energetic jumpin all around and moshing like the teenagers they all were, but something was missing.. I dunno to pinpoint it, but it just wasn't as good as other concerts I've been to.

Other than that, it's all pretty usual. My days are filled with alcohol and roaming around casinos.
We drove out today to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.. Can't say I saw too much in the Canyon, cuz by the time we got there it was already twilight, and together with the mist created from the pollution brought in from California, it wasn't as impressive as I would hope for. And it was also really cold, and we wanted to go back home already ;)

Sadly, I couldn't find any stores that sold trinitite. I've been looking for some since I got to Nuclear Test-land, with no luck up till now.

Tomorrow I'll probably be out on the ride on top of the stratosphere, and maybe go to the Venitian after I visit the Las Vegas Comics Convention (!)

I've never been to a real comicon. From what I've seen from movies and stuff, this should be amusing ;)
(and I'm still missing issue #2 of Death: High Cost of Living)

Sunday I head for LA.
Sadly, I'll be spending my days trying to sell the car.

2003-11-01 02:28:10 ET

ooh comicon!! I want Johnen's Autograph, and a drawing of a pony :)

[eating dixie while writing this]

2003-11-01 09:46:30 ET


Vasquez isn't there, but Roman Dirge is.

I'm debating with myself if I want to go. It's like 20$ entrance.

2003-11-05 07:20:00 ET

What is trinitite? (sorry for my ignorance)
So you are leaving soon from the states, correct? Tomorrow I beleive. I just posted on your trekshare; took me long enough. Have a safe ride home! I have loved reading your stories and looking at your pictures, even though I didn't have dick to say. Make sure when you are on the plane to demand an absured amount of soda and alcohol; you deserve it on the LONG ass flight you haev ahead of you.

2003-11-05 10:28:30 ET

Thanks hon!
I'm leavin LA tomorrow, and I ALWAYS demand a lot of alcohol and stuff. Nothing like a drunken stupor to take your mind off the flight.

Trinitite is what happens when rocks melt from a nuclear blast. It's a totally new compound.. Greenish rock thing. It's cool :)

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