Leaving Las Vegas...
2003-11-05 10:33:28 ET

Well, leaving the USA, actually. this'll be my last post before my flight.. I'm flying off tomorrow noon from LAX, hopefully landing Friday noon. Oh, the humanity..

Vegas was awesome. I went to the comic-con thing, didn't pay anything to get in (the Israeli ingeniouity strikes again), and it was totally awesome. I'd never seen anything quite like it, and i got to meet cool folks like Roman Dirge (who I forced to draw me a pony)

LA hasn't been all it's cracked up to be.. We've mainly been trying to sell the car, and have hardly left Santa Monica... sux0rz... Sorry to all the soCal folks I won't be meeting.. It's just been really hectic and stressful, cuz I just gotta get rid of this damned car.

hopefully, we'll still manage to crank Matrix: Revoloutions into the schedule, so that'll be cool.. Or we might still make a run for Universal.. We'll see.

Anyway, bye folks! Bye America! You've been too great, but I'm anxious to go home already :)

2003-11-05 10:37:36 ET

Home is Israel, right?

2003-11-05 10:43:02 ET

<3 too bad i didnt get to see you dear.

2003-11-05 10:56:23 ET

::doffs hat::

Nice havin' ya here.

2003-11-05 14:30:14 ET

It was *so* great meeting you!

2003-11-05 14:47:54 ET

Woohoo!!! 12 hours of flight, movies starring tom hanks and airplanes food!!! This is Shangrila-ha-ha

Man, we can see Matrix 3 in Cinema city instead. ^_^

I thought I got a pony too :((

2003-11-06 05:06:56 ET

YOU GOT TO MEET ROMAN GOD I AM SO JEALOUS!!! sheesh ...of all the luck

2003-11-06 06:00:37 ET


2003-11-06 09:24:42 ET

*cough*YOU GOT A PONY*cough*

2003-11-06 13:52:19 ET

<catches breath>

2003-11-07 08:34:12 ET

*waves* THANKS FOR VISITING <3 <3 <3

2003-11-08 08:17:13 ET

woah, I am popular :]

phily jellies - *lowers head* yep.
misa - We'll always have Paris.. Err.. Uhm.. Anyway, there'll be a next time. :)
Bio - dude, the pleasure was all mine. I saw our Israeli rivet yesterday @ the clubs. Hehe. You wear that shirt in pride, ya'hear..!
Angel - Aww, thanks doll, my first greeter on SK ;)
Krankie - 14.5 hours in the air, + 2 hours transit in Toronto, but who's counting ;) d00d, I asked for the pony. If you behave I might letcha have it :P
blessedblacksheep - ya, he r0x. s'ashame Vasquez wasn't there though :/ he's my real idol :]
Lila - Safe as safe can be :)
Asaf - Yes, a pony. :o
Lars - I am so sorry man!! I really wanted a meetup, but I simply had zero time :/ Sux0rZ.
Becky - :) Vilanova was cool, it was my pleasure hon! <3 :]]

2003-11-08 08:31:48 ET

I see our Israeli rivet guy all the time.

2003-11-09 02:31:17 ET

Hmm. Maybe we can use him as a mail carrier ^_^

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