these are the days
2003-11-13 07:00:53 ET

Hmph. No car today *grumpy*.
It'll be ready tomorrow morning. We're getting a Hyundai Getz to replace the ol' TelecartMobile.

Tonight I go party at ze alternative. I've missed our local brew of altrock and EBM madness.

A few tasks for next week:

* Drive new car.
* Mod my Playstation 2.
* Visit friends in Jerusalem.
* Fix dad's iPaq (or, rather, take it to HP-Compaq to get checked out).
* Visit dad at the office.
* Call the folks who might want to hire me.
* Start sniffing around for a school/programme/whatever.


:: Listening to: Genitorturers - Sin City (KMFDM Remix) ::

2003-11-13 10:06:10 ET

It's good to see that you got back safely and are now pretty busy. :)

Great song btw!

2003-11-13 14:31:56 ET

ahhh new car

enjoy the new car smell while it lasts ;)

2003-11-14 00:46:54 ET

Does "Entertain Liron with pom-poms and kitties-with-party-hats" fit in to the schedule? I want kitties with party hats. Gimme.

2003-11-14 10:12:24 ET

Angel - aye, tis an awesome song.
Kaetzchen - Sadly, it's pre-owned, bought off a rental company, so it has various assortment of BO and cigarette smell to it. Foo.
Liron - I will do my best, but no promises 'bout the party hats.

2003-11-15 08:53:39 ET

But there'll be kitties, right? You'll bring kitties?

2003-11-16 05:04:29 ET

Yes. Read my not-yet-published latest post.

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