2003-11-16 11:55:05 ET

Ack, more weekend madness. Just like zee good ol' days.
Started out Thursday with a weak night @ the-alternative thursdays. Dunno. The Synthpop beat just ain't cutting it no more. (Okay, me and Meirav danced like lil' kiddies to A23, but that's it). Only stuff of the EBM genre I like right about now is speedy aggro stuff. anything slower than 160 BPM can kiss my ass.

Then Friday we went to a Drum n' Bass party at the Comfort 11, which is a pretty cool venue I'd never been to before. Had these large video screens and stuff. Anyway, the usual assortment of Israeli dnb DJs/MCs plus some special gueststes from Holland.
It started out kinda weak, but by 3:00 or so got heavier and sweet. Glowsticks flying everywhere. We rocked the place till about 6:30, when I dragged Meirav home.

Saturday we sorta shlepped around all day doing nothing, then at night we went to eat ice cream and see Kill Bill vol.1. Pretty sweet movie, even better the 2nd time 'round.

When we came out of the movie, about 3:00 in the morning, we heard tiny 'mew' sounds from around our car. There was a lil' kittie hiding underneath my volkswagon. We dedicated 40 minutes to try and convince the kittie to get out of the underneath-and-inside of my car. I don't know if we succeeded or not, but the mew sounds stopped at some point, and we basically gave up.
Kittie, if you're reading this in Kittie-heaven, I'm so sorry.
Other than that, I hope he escaped while we weren't paying attention.

Today wasn't very productive. I wanted to do stuff (like cut my hair), but didn't. All I did today was argue with the morons at HP/Compaq support. My dad's iPAQ has some problems, and their professional advice was to do a hard reset. Big whoopie, I don't need them to tell me that.
That's so fucked up, I mean any computer technical support can just as easily say "format your computer and reinstall everything, it'll work", but that's BS. Pisses me off that I know more about this shit than the dude I was talking too.
Other than that, the new car is here and in working condition, hopefully I'm gonna give it a test run tomorrow. Weee!

Liron came over tonight. Haven't seen here in 3 ages. ;)))

Okay, showertime.

:: Listening to: Void Construct - Anodyne Impulse ::

2003-11-20 19:04:01 ET

3 ages, huh?
That's way more than just plan ol' ages.

2003-11-20 23:57:08 ET

Preeautions: Liquid in the bar is nontoxic, radioactivity-free and uninflammable.

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