2003-11-24 08:08:28 ET

So here's where I'm at:

Today my dad pimped me to be a powerpoint monkey in his office for the day. I guess it's a known phenomena, when the kid comes back home from a big trip, the parentials automatically start putting the pressure on him to get a job, go to school, blah blah blah.
I'm cookin up some stuff, and yet I'm still badgered. Even grandma asked me on the phone 'So, what now?'. I told her I was gonna finish eating ;p
I did find something amusing at my dad's office though;
They had a directory in their network called 'MP3', and the only song they had there was..
Within Temptation - Ice Queen
I didn't expect that, I can tell ya.

I'm looking into a job proposal I received from the Israeli representatives of a North American hi-tech company.
The job may very well have me move to North America (USA/Canada)..

Other than that, I checked out Tel-Aviv University's webpage and stuff today. Seems I need to do a psychometric exam (sorta like a GMAT or GRE or something) and get around 680 (which is quite above average) if I wanna learn Psychology-Philosophy.
Another option I'm looking into is a multidisciplinary program they have for uber-students, full scholarship + MA after 4 years. That's worth a lot of money, though they only accept like 15 people every year.. Anyway, it's worth looking into, even just out of curiousity.

Aight, thassabout it.

:: Listening to: Concord Dawn - Raining Blood ::

2003-11-24 08:27:22 ET

Awww you're back home already? I guess I"ll have to visit YOU. I always wanted to go to Israel.

2003-11-24 13:29:09 ET

Make it so. </Captain Picard>

2003-11-25 04:38:25 ET

Hahahhaa, PICARD!
Good luck on the school front; you're such a smart rapscallion that I don't see why you couldn't be one of those 15 people.
That would be sweet if you moved to the USA; where would you be posted, by chance (i.e. do you have any idea?)?
My parents haven't really given me pressure for thigns such as job and school per se, they are more a little bit anxiaty about me nto defering to becoming all domestic and denying my desires to act because Willis' parents are putting on the steam press for him to stay here in Ohio. My parents needn't worry because I am NOT staying in Ohio EVER.

2003-11-25 06:09:13 ET

Hmmmmmmmmmm. Welp, there's a lot of smart buggers in this lil' country. I will definately look into it and all.. But I sorta find it hard to fathom [spl?].
I have an idea, yeah. The company's HQ is in the Vancouver area, BC, but it has a few places around the US. . . San Diego, Alabama, Maryland.. I'd imagine one of those locations would be more likely (as the project I'd be working on is funded with USD), with San Diego having the highest chances in my opinion.
Anyway, we'll see.

..And hey, what's wrong with Ohio? :O

2003-11-25 06:17:12 ET

What isn't wrong with Ohio.

2003-11-25 06:26:49 ET

Uhm.. Radiation levels?

2003-11-25 06:39:52 ET

You never know, man

2003-11-25 08:30:56 ET

ahh! Get out of there! You don't want your kids looking like Toxic Avenger (..o do you?? O_o)

2003-11-25 09:08:24 ET

Well, maybe not him, but I was hoping they would grow up to look like Baron Harkonen from Dune

2003-11-26 07:12:58 ET

Ahh, the good Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.
Yes, a pretty one, he is. ^_^

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