midautmn night's amusement
2003-11-30 15:23:13 ET

Me n' a bunch of Old Jersey folks went to pick up our long-lost comrade Ariel from the airport.
We were waiting there for an hour and a half, and he doesn't show.
Turns out his flight is tomorrow. Haha, my friends are such stoners. Tomorrow, same bat-time, same bat-channel.
Anyway, it was amusing.
I like the airport. :]

Oh, I also got a haircut today. Goddamn bloody time.

:: Listening to: Sheep on Drugs - Fifteen Minutes of Fame ::

2003-11-30 15:24:24 ET

::snicker:: amusing.

2003-11-30 15:32:37 ET

Yeah, it was great. Me n' Maayan went to the information desk and they called his name on the microphone and stuff.
All good fun for 2:30 in the morning :D

2003-11-30 17:12:20 ET

one day, i will command an army of furbys.

2003-11-30 17:16:47 ET

Woah.. That'd rule.

*Flashbacks from Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles*

2003-11-30 17:19:28 ET

Haha, that sounds like a pain in the ass ordeal.

2003-11-30 17:22:13 ET

Andy Trek: The Fury of Furbys

2003-11-30 18:03:08 ET

Finally, a haircut!
No more mr. mommas & the poppas!

2003-12-01 03:56:19 ET

actually he was getting a bit Robert Smithish there ;)

2003-12-01 11:19:13 ET

Soviet Glam - welcome to SK, and to my humble journal :]
Liron - Silence infidel! I kinda liked the long spikes, but only when they were under control.. Problem is how my head looked like when they weren't.. :O
Noa - Weee! Thankya ;)

2003-12-01 18:01:29 ET

the furbys will crush you, my frightened comrade

2003-12-02 05:58:49 ET

You do not threaten me. I have an army of Attack Bananas at my command!!

2003-12-02 08:09:18 ET

Furbys eat bananas

2003-12-02 08:13:42 ET

That maybe be so, but I eat Andys.

2003-12-02 08:14:35 ET

But i'm allergic to shays

2003-12-02 08:19:12 ET

That shouldn't be a problem.

2003-12-02 08:22:10 ET

i dont want to be eaten

2003-12-02 08:28:22 ET

No it's too late now, I can't have you send your Furby army against me, and I don't think I'll ever be able to trust you again.

Sorry it has to be this way.

2003-12-02 08:29:40 ET

at least cook me first.

2003-12-02 08:30:31 ET

why? let all the flavour out!

2003-12-02 08:30:59 ET

that's what salts for!

2003-12-02 08:31:41 ET

Hmm. I'm munching on nacho cheese doritos.

For now, you are safe.

2003-12-02 08:32:16 ET

I better be. Sadistic dorito killer

2003-12-02 08:35:15 ET

Don't tred on me.

2003-12-02 14:49:24 ET

i dont remember how haircuts feel.

2003-12-02 16:12:47 ET

something to consider perhaps..?

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