2003-12-03 08:00:51 ET

Seems the job offer I'm a realistic candidate for won't be able to give me any answers before early January.
This sux. I need to sign up for psychometric exams till Sunday. The course starts 7th of January, and the exam is early April.
Only thing they were willing to say is that San Diego is not an option anymore, but Richmond, BC (near Vancouver) is still very viable.

I don't know what to do :(

2003-12-03 12:13:42 ET

What's wrong with waiting till mid January? Don't fret!

2003-12-03 13:31:15 ET

Well, I've decided to sign up for the exam anyway. Worse comes to worst, I've wasted 1000$ (that's how much th course costs).

2003-12-03 13:55:48 ET

$1000? damn!
good luck with that. i think you made a good decision anyway.
it would still rock if you moved to BC. will be like neighbors! (almost...) :D

2003-12-03 14:21:43 ET

that's how much the tupid course costs. Luckily, I can get the gov't to pay for it from this account they set up for all released soldiers, so it's not actually coming out of my pocket.. Well.. I guess it is, but anyway, it's not like I can use the mnoey for whatever I want.

and yeah, Richmond is hellaclose to Seattle girl!

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