2003-12-10 07:36:45 ET

Happy days and jubilations..!

Uhm, yeah. I dunno, I'm in a cheerful mood. The weekend was awesome, and the new one is comin' up real fast. Me n' Meirav found ourselves sat. 4:45 after her (kickass) DJ set goin to this new underground club. TECHNo 2 De EYEBR0Wz.
I had a blast :-)

I also got to catch up wid some Old Jersey folks (I'm talking about you), which r0cked.

One of my oldest bestest friends is moving to New York on the 16th.. Officially it's for 2 years, but who knows. :/
..And he's not the first.
Everybody is leaving.
I should leave, too.

New weekend approaching fast...

Tonight I'm gonna catch a(n almost) free screening of a kewl manga movie at the sofabeat.

la la la

:: Listening to: Tracy and The Plastics - Ooo ::

2003-12-10 08:02:22 ET

Ah, cool, you're going to see Interstella 5555. I expect a review. As you can tell by my avatar, I'm a big fan of Daft Punk.

2003-12-10 09:41:44 ET

Shay! Your friend is moving to New York? I'm moving to New York! I'm leaving the 17th of January. Tell him if he wants, he can write me and we can hang out. My e-mail is
You should move to New York too, dude :)

2003-12-10 11:18:48 ET

EVERYBODY's in New York. Uncanny.
He's already got a shmillion people to meet there, heh, I'll gladly supply him wid another quality person :]

Brisk - The movie was sweet. You'll like it. It's not too complicated a film or anything, but it was entertaining.

2003-12-10 13:45:00 ET

Very cool, thanks for the feedback.

2003-12-12 09:51:38 ET

brisk - the movie kicks ass. somewhat sad, too. I cried.

2003-12-12 11:59:41 ET


2003-12-13 08:00:14 ET

I really did.

2003-12-13 11:08:21 ET


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