What would you do if I sang out of tune..?
2003-12-14 15:34:45 ET

So I just came back from Jerusalem.
I met and gave a hearty farewell to one of my oldest, closest friend who's moving to New York City for a couple of years the day after tomorrow.

I came over to his apartment, and we gathered around an ol' bunch, n' we smoked some shit, and joked around, it was just like we were 16 again, and it was great.

I had a 'Wonder Years' moment there. Really, those were OUR wonder years.. Sometimes I really miss the old days.
Certain things are so much simpler when you're 16.. :/

*Big major sigh of DOOM*

Damnit, I'm going into turbodrama mode :(

I also gave Ariel his birthday present. A pack of Beef Jerky I brought from the US and some 80's Conan: The Barbarian comic books. To most of you that would seem lousy, or even pathetic, but you have no idea how happy he was :)

2003-12-14 15:38:41 ET

i know what you mean man... i'm on an hypernostalgic spree myself.
wanna join forces and build a time machine?

2003-12-14 16:07:46 ET

hell yeah. I mean, sure some stuff is better now than it was then, but some stuff isn't.

2003-12-15 09:57:29 ET

thank you guys, for making my shit seem positive after all.
being a minor rocks. cant believe this period is about to end for good..

2003-12-15 14:27:50 ET

some mystery person got deleted.

2003-12-15 15:50:40 ET

last time it took her 3 days.
but less then 24 hours is a new record.

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