No one's reading this anyway
2003-12-22 11:54:59 ET

but I had a bitchin' weekend.

These things are flying by so fast..

Anyway, I'm too lazy to write right now. I changed my mind.

:: Listening to: The Faint - Agenda Suicide ::

2003-12-22 11:56:55 ET

what do you mean, "no one's reading this anyway?"
i read it.
glad to hear you had a good weekend :)

2003-12-22 11:57:53 ET

happy chanukah..i'm celebrating alone, again :-( s'ok..i'm a muslim now anyways...imagine that..i'm a born jew that is a muslim now :-p

2003-12-22 13:09:45 ET

our work builds pretty little homes.

2003-12-22 14:07:15 ET

Maya - I was just bein nasty cuz no1 commented on my last post ;p
treason - err... that's, uh, great for you. or something.
Noa - agenda suicide, the drones work hard before they die

2003-12-22 14:47:55 ET

shay: when did you return from the states?

2003-12-22 17:10:49 ET

i am not reading this anyway. I refuse to make a comment.

2003-12-23 04:27:25 ET

I accidentally read this and now I wish I didn't ;)

**incidenally, I always read yo shit, it's just I have found myself at a profound loss of things to say in the world of Does anyone else feel this way? I feel like a tremendous amount of inspired discussion has gone wayward into the sun, thus making me sort of harden in the concrete...but only as far as is concerned. In real life I'm spouting out just as much unsolicited information as ever, heh heh.**

2003-12-23 13:43:58 ET

im reading because i love you!

so there ;-P

2003-12-23 15:20:49 ET

big up,lila ;)

2003-12-23 17:18:10 ET

You always dig my fresh jive, Noa :D

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