2003-12-30 06:29:16 ET

I played at dis pub in Tel-Aviv yesterday in a dj contest. Not too many people came, but I think enough to vote me into the final round ;-)
I think I kicked major ass, but time will tell... I haven't received d official announcement yet.

Heh, I even managed to have fun (kinda). w00t.

Lesson of the day:
Friends are important to get over tough times.


Heh, I've even started eating again. I didn't sleep a minute, but I'm working on that too..!

2003-12-30 06:40:09 ET

I'm glad everything went so well; did you do anyting cool like throw records into the air and have them land perfectly on the turn table? ;)
And hey...what are these rough times you speak of?!? I desire to know! I thrist for knowledge! KNOW....NOOOOOOOOoooooooo!

2003-12-30 07:11:27 ET

hehe. Turntables. Funny.
I press play on ze cdplayerz. :P

Rough times... Rough times.. But not for ze blog. Sorry. I hate on-line drama.
I think I'm gonna delete the previous post too...

It's just...

Blah. I wrote and deleted already 3 other posts.. I need an outlet.. But it's difficult to let it all out here, ya'know?

2003-12-30 08:08:02 ET

I totally understand. I hate HATE getting emotional on sk.net, or unloading, or devulging anything that is actually personal. I mean, some people devote their whole page to their bullshit woes. I don't want to be another Emotion Fisher.
You are different because you are cool!
But I totally understand you not wanting to unload. If you do feel the need for an objective perspective, or just to get a bunch of shit off your chest to someone whom you don't have to see in the real world, feel free to drop me a PM :)

2003-12-30 08:40:23 ET

You definitely kicked ass!
Two thumbs up for Atomizer!

I had convinced my entire Holon kru table to vote for ya!
Good luck

2003-12-30 12:18:04 ET


I won, but it was a real close match.

I expect to see ya next time.

Lila - Fanks hon, your sweet. :)

2003-12-30 13:34:15 ET

I told the dudes at work I'm coming the work on the 19th. cool.

2003-12-30 13:50:12 ET

Shay - I'm sorry I couldn't make it, I forgot how immobile I am now, that I can no longer drive our car :o( I'm glad to hear it went well and you had a good time, hope to see you tomorrow night at the Lili.

2003-12-30 14:07:44 ET

Noa - wha?

Liron - S'cool hon, fanks, and I'll see ya there :)

2003-12-30 15:37:12 ET

yay yay yay!

and im sure you are a sexy dj!

2003-12-31 04:09:44 ET


2004-01-02 10:12:12 ET

Eh, sleep is for pussies anyway.

2004-01-02 10:16:24 ET

haha, I just slept a shmillion hours in a row. As far as I'm concerned, there was no Thursday.

2004-01-02 10:41:29 ET


2004-01-02 10:55:53 ET

ho,hum. But I agree, sleep is highly overrated.

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