updates, downdates and laaaamb charadesssss!
2004-01-12 15:31:08 ET

welp, I've generally joined the miserablec0re kru in life.
Relationships = Death.
Sides that, this course I'm taking for my psychometric exam (sorta like SAT) is ruining my life.
I took a diagnostic exam last lesson, and the only subject I even answered all of the questions in was English. fux0rZ, I suX0rZ.
I need a good score on this shit, I fucking hate doing homework (I never did any at school), and I want my life baaaaaaack.

At least Dina is in Israel now to entertain moi :D

I've been talkin to Ariel a lot lately.. We're both in weird places in life now, and we can always see through eachothers eyes.
It's good to have friends.

In other news, today I walked into a glass door, which fucking hurt (though not as bad as I'd expect), and I also saw a guy I know since I was 6 randomly DJing at this pub.

:: Listening to: Belle & Sebastian - Step into my office, baby ::

2004-01-12 15:38:35 ET

Relationships = Mass Death, you mean.

2004-01-12 15:40:49 ET

mass death, nuclear holocaust, you catch my drift.

2004-01-12 23:01:27 ET

Isn't she the notorious goth girl who exposed her b00bies through webcam?
You lucky bastard...

2004-01-13 02:26:31 ET

you have a really selective memory, assi :D

2004-01-13 03:30:00 ET

Well I bet you will ace the English part, what with you keen knowledge of important English words and phrases such as
*Foo dog mark ass trick
*Down low

Those standardized exams are such a crock. Whether one does poorly or well, they aremerely a measurment of what generalized facts your school managed to teach you. FIE ON THE STANDARDIZED TEST! :D

2004-01-13 05:24:37 ET

Asaf - ? uhm, okay...
Lila - Yeah, the English part is a crock of shit. Still, words like 'audacious' aren't in my everyday vocabulary either.
This test doesn't even claim to measure anything, and has little to do with what anybody has learned at school. They used to claim it could be a measurement to one's potential success at university, but statistics have proven that there is little correlation between success in the exam and success in academics.
So... Basically, it's just a filter.
Oh, and it's a curve test to boot. So, for every person who scores 700, there's some poor schmoe that scored 300.

2004-01-13 08:28:50 ET

This is how you should have proven your knowledge of the word 'audacious':
AUDACIOUS- to have a great deal of nerve
Example: You Standardized Test Fuckers are quite audacious to make me deal with this crap.

You would have gotten a million points, broken every record.

2004-01-13 09:34:05 ET

haha, sadly it's a multiple-choice exam, and you have about a minute per question to mark the correct answer, so no time for smart-aleckry.

Again, I consder my English vocabulary WELL above average, and still I can hardly say it includes words such as:
aplomb, bamboozle, barrack (as a vowel, not a noun), bellicose, bequeath, catarrh.. and we're just in the 'c's.

...And all of this isn't even as remotely difficult as the Hebrew vocabulary part is, which includes words that I've never even seen before, and if asked, probably couldn't even spell them, let alone know their meaning, since they're in bloody Aramai, not Hebrew!!

2004-01-13 10:05:41 ET

They really have your balls in a salad shooter.

2004-01-13 15:00:11 ET

Shay, When I did that test, the "hardest" word was "Disintergration". So Don't even bother studying for this part.

2004-01-13 22:55:41 ET

Why do you rant so much about it? Psychometric exam isn't that difficult, Noa can approve (we got identical grades) and besides there _is_ a correlation between psychometric grade and academic achievements - no correlation is 100% accurate and even 75% is considered a good factor.
In other words, you shouldn't take it so heavily - just do your homework - they ain't that bad and sometimes amusing - and I'm sure you'll get a decent grade.
G'luck :>

2004-01-14 16:53:21 ET

Asaf - what you may have failed to realize is that your score (and Noa's) is the top 4% percentile.
I may get that high a score, I may not.
..And obviously there is SOME correlation, but that's a given. It wouldn't even matter what's on the test. Virtually any test you can think of, there will be a certain correlation between those who succeed in it and success in academic studies and those who fail in it and failure in academic studies.
Statistics have proven that the correlation isn't 'hard'.
Any which way, you won't convince me there is any relation between me knowing some basic square roots by heart and me being able to understand psychology and philosophy on an academic level.

Lila - Exactamundo.

2004-01-14 20:29:38 ET

Agreed about those square roots (though I don't recall that the exam contains such things..) but think of this exam as if it's meant to "brush you off" towards academic studies in ways of learning disciplines, and general rehersal in various fields.
True, mathematics is really less needed on professions such as psychology and philosophy, but the other parts, of hebrew and english, do count:
Again, try to see it not as basic material memorizing, but more as learning basic skills, methods and dogmas of thinking.
And again, from the (little) that I know you, I estimate that you won't be on the lower precentile - and besides there are certain things you can do to raise your chances of getting a higher grade. Just don't worry so much eh? :>

2004-01-15 05:28:52 ET

I'm not worried, I'm just ranting.

Well... I'm a bit concerned.. I need a very high grade to get into what I want.

2004-01-15 05:53:18 ET


2004-01-15 10:41:46 ET

No, he wants a BA in Take Over the World.

2004-01-15 11:47:54 ET

Right on :]

2004-01-15 12:26:48 ET

relationships = death

w0rd 2 that

and i would have laughed if i had seen you walk into said glass door!

even though that sounds sucky >_<

2004-01-16 08:39:47 ET

it stopped hurtin after 5 minutes, I sorta laughed too ;)

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