2004-01-22 06:16:38 ET

Anyone notice that Chevelle - Closure sounds exactly like Tool, while their other single, Send The Pain Below sounds exactly like Deftones?

How bizzare.


:: Listening to: Chevelle - Closure ::

2004-01-22 06:30:45 ET

The last original musical coposition was written years ago. It's all recycled crap now! ;)

2004-01-22 06:40:58 ET

So true, so true.

I believe it was Popcorn by Hot Butter.

2004-01-22 06:54:50 ET

And even THAT tune - was a cover for an avantgarde composer named Gershon Kingsley!!!
Could you believe that!

2004-01-22 07:01:45 ET

hell no!
So, basically, original music stopped somewhere around The Beatles..?

2004-01-24 09:32:47 ET

Original music ceased to exist at the moment Elvis Presley stepped on stage.

2004-01-24 11:49:07 ET

You might have something there.

The first mega popstar.

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