weekly update galore
2004-01-24 13:13:17 ET

ugh, this week has been hectic.
I went out every single night.. blargh.
So instead of the usual, lame rundown of everything, I'll keep it simple:

* No matter what you do, if you're doing it with good people, you'll have a blast.

* No amount of weed and alcohol consumption can truly make you forget what's bothering you. There is NO escape from dealing with the pain.

* They do however, help pass the time quite nicely, and can distract your mind, but only for a very limited time.

* Most people in the alt-comics-indie-zine scene are full of shit, but really funny.

* Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

* I'm feeling sad and empty lately. What a surprise, my birthday is coming up. I always get depressed around my birthday. *sigh* Someone give me a virtual hug.

:: Listening to: Jay Walk Snail - All I wanted was to call Indiana ::

2004-01-24 13:21:20 ET

*big fucking virtual hug of LUB*

feel better, my dear.

2004-01-24 13:23:55 ET

life is like a box of kusbara

2004-01-24 13:46:18 ET

Tina - *hugz back* all in due time. Hooray for virtual-sympathy!
Noa - icky, and frequently used as a garnish?

2004-01-24 14:17:57 ET

so, singing happy birthday in a really loud + obnoxious voice won't make it better i presume.

2004-01-24 14:30:41 ET

it can't hurt.

*expecting a .wav file*


but it's on the 27th of Feb.

2004-01-24 14:31:01 ET

good, i've got time!

2004-01-24 14:38:08 ET

you have the same bday as my bro!

happy very early b-day shay :)

2004-01-24 14:46:52 ET

your first point there is one of my favorites... i say that all the time.

2004-01-24 14:52:11 ET

sw00n! People are commenting.. yayyyy

Tina - danke schoen hun :] Piscesc0re \m/
Furax - Ohyeah, that's not new to me either. I just.. hmm. Got reminded of it very blatantly this weekend.
There are some people who think being in the right place is better than being with the right crowd.

2004-01-24 15:01:15 ET

...sometimes we need reminders ;-)

2004-01-24 15:05:04 ET


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