2004-01-26 14:05:32 ET


I'm in a surprisingly good mood.
How refreshing!


I'm sorta sick though.

I've been sick for about a month now, on and off. *cough*
This is very wrong.

Dear God,

I'd like some money, please.



:: Listening to: Collide - Violet's Dance ::

2004-01-26 14:13:19 ET

that sucks that your sick. hop eyou get over it soon!

oh and he never gives money. babies and drugs yes, but money no. hahahahahhaha

2004-01-26 14:27:00 ET

hmm.. I could sell babies and drugs for money..

2004-01-26 14:34:13 ET

find a job, you bum

2004-01-26 14:47:53 ET

screw u. I'm gonna take YOUR JOB.

2004-01-26 14:49:51 ET

go ahead.

2004-01-26 14:50:06 ET

wanna get me a new background?
look at my page

2004-01-26 14:55:48 ET

no, get ur own. :P

2004-01-26 14:56:40 ET

i can't find one.

2004-01-26 14:58:34 ET


you've been bad.

2004-01-26 14:59:22 ET

you suck ballz.

2004-01-26 15:02:44 ET

you go to hell, and you die.

2004-01-27 07:21:56 ET

get well soon!

maybe you should eat some healthy things, or something like that.!

2004-01-27 07:35:32 ET

Thanks hon!

I want some soup.
Somebody make me some soup, damnit!

2004-01-27 07:38:00 ET

Making soup isn't that hard :P

but you should eat chickensoup! that helps a lot when you're not feeling well or sick!

2004-01-27 07:44:21 ET


Btw - my microwave is at the hospital. I'm really worried. He's been around since I've been around, and I don't know what to do in the kitchen without him.

2004-01-27 09:51:02 ET

hahahaha we have a microwave that's over 20 years old now, i hate it....!!!

when i want to make popcorn (you've got special popcorn that you can put into the microwave and then it pops etc. etc.) the most of the popcorn is turned black, because the microwave isn't functioning proporly.

so.... i hate it :(

2004-01-28 03:32:16 ET

ah, well, mine pops de popcorns just fine !

Maybe he just doesn't love you. ^_^

2004-01-28 03:57:37 ET

it's on old fag!

2004-01-28 04:13:11 ET

hahaha, maybe he's a 'she'. O_o

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