2004-01-28 04:12:21 ET

Still sorta sick.

Yesterday I started thinking about what I'm gonna do next year and started freaking out. I have no bloody idea.
I mean, right now, I'm doing this course and taking the psychometric exam on the first of April. With the results I can sign up for Uni in the next 7 years.
But after the first of April, I got no plans.
What do I wanna do next year..?
Maybe I wanna live it out another year..?
Get a job?
Move out of home?
Travel abroad?
Move abroad?

Lottsa stuff I wanna do, and not a lot of time to be 23 (which is comin' up February).

A few of the major conflict points, I guess I'm gonna hafta sort out:

* The only option I got which doesn't necessitate getting a decent-paying job is signing up for Uni next year and staying at home, no trips abroad, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

* I want to go to Australia / New Zealand. For a couple of months maybe. I don't wanna do it alone (hopin Ariel will be up to it), and I need hella money to do it.. But it's my childhood, I gotta go back there someday, and nows as good a time as any (maybe I could loan money from my folks..hmm..)

* In the very least, I wanna go to Europe this summer. Seems everyone's goin to Czectech festival, and Prague is beautiful (and comparatively cheap, too).. But this also requires money.

* I may still have that job in Vancouver option next year. Something to keep in mind. I should probably ask around what's going on with that..

* I want to move out. I admit, I have it good at home. Real good. But I don't feel like I have my space. My room is the place I sleep in, nothing more. I want to have space to be creative in too. This requires even more money, and a constant flow of it too.

* I don't really want to get a job. It's a tough market out there too. Chances of getting into something that actually pays good is slim to none. I hate this.

* I feel like I'm (still) not doing what I really want to be doing. I want to sign up for a gym, and for an art class maybe. This too, requires time and money.

okay, end rant.

:: Listening to: Clue to Kalo - I think we can kinetic ::

2004-01-28 08:06:35 ET

and if everyone starts using heroin, you'll do it too ;p?


as your lawyer i advise you to:
a. get a job already
b. save for a big trip to australia after uni
c. go to uni next year

2004-01-28 09:34:26 ET

hmmm... i see your dilemma, and i feel your pain... i've been going through something similar myself.
i think that if you have the opportunity to move to another country and work there for a while, you should go for it.
i also think that you should travel as much as you can before you get all tied up with school and work.
i understand your need to move out, but if you're planning to go to school... hmmm... i'd graduate first, find a decent job, and then move out, unless if your parents can help you with rent and tuition.
Oh, and why won't you try the "open university" just take some classes, see what you like?

2004-01-28 09:55:33 ET

take me with you to australia! then i can take the plane there to tokyo...

2004-01-28 15:50:36 ET

Noa & Maya - Ahhhh *pulls hair*
Up till now I've been takin it one step at a time, no reason to change that now. So, for now - psychometry till April. Then, find job. No matter what I end up doing, I'm probably gonna need a job.
I'll see what my psych scores are, if they're at all good enough to get into psychology faculty.. If not, I can always try Italy :O
I think Maya has a point, and I should try and get Australia out of the way before Uni... I can always do Europe some other time...
Or, if I find a really good paying job, maybe both :OOO Yeah, right.
About moving out.. Well, I guess I still need to think about it. I haven't even raised the subject with my folks.. I'm not sure I know how. I'm the youngest, and one of my older sisters is still in the house.. It'd be tough. Plus, I don't know how much help they'll be for rent.. Though tuition shouldn't be a problem (I have a years worth scholarship from the army). Hmm. I'm pretty sure they'd agree to sign as bond for rent.
Something to think about, I guess.

Roza - I'm impressed, this was a long one ;)
Here's a thought, I'll fly to Australia via Netherlands :]

2004-01-28 23:15:14 ET

Yes yes yes, the airport is not far from here :p

2004-01-29 02:23:16 ET

I <3 Schiphol

2004-01-29 04:43:21 ET

ever been in holland then?

2004-01-29 10:27:35 ET

several times :]

Mostly just Amsterdam, but I did travel around a bit on my last visit. Went to Rotterdam and this lil' place Edam where they make cheese.

2004-01-29 11:27:08 ET

My school is in Rotterdam :)

But what is the reason of your visits?

2004-01-29 11:32:29 ET

Hmm. Chillin' with me mates (read: pot).

2004-01-30 08:33:09 ET

you will move to nyc

2004-01-30 10:37:32 ET

I don't mean to sound izznatchy but since I am at ye olde internet cafe I can't read all of everyones responces and I can't say much, BUT I do say follow your heart, senor.

2004-01-30 11:31:32 ET

im not in the exact same situation, to be sure, but i know exactly how you feel, bro...good luck with everything

2004-01-30 11:32:08 ET

Gus - I hope that's my fortune, mate.

Lila - <3 <3 <3 My heart is confused.

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