chasing rabbits
2004-01-31 09:34:32 ET

another weekend of doomdoomdoom.
Thursday I was too sick to actually do anything with myself.. I felt a bit better friday though.
Meirav came over noon, and we went downtown to tel aviv for this Urban Play music/fashion/whateva event. It was cool, we hung out with the drum n' bass crew and drank and did silly things.
There's a constant undertow of drama in our lives right now, but I think we managed through most of it..

Nightime we went clubhopping, and didn't spend a dime all night :] *proud*
We went back to the first club we were in 6:15 in the morning and danced to drum n' bass tunes till 8:00 or so.. It was.. MASSIVE. \m/
I'm aching all over, but it was an all-round rawkin' night.

I'm still sick, my eyes are sore, and the heart's still a-hurtin', but all n' all I had a great weekend.

I look fried:

:: Listening to: Collide - White Rabbit ::

2004-01-31 09:39:54 ET

It seems that a lot of people are sick lately. Eh, glad you had a decent weekend though to make up for it!

2004-01-31 09:40:17 ET

you should stay in bed!

2004-01-31 09:40:51 ET


yeah, I deserve some peace of mind ^_^


2004-01-31 09:41:30 ET

<333 feel better

2004-01-31 14:05:52 ET

hey i didn't see that photo! its cute!!

2004-01-31 14:07:47 ET


It's -me- that's cute ^_^

2004-01-31 14:13:27 ET

you are the cuteness itself :P

2004-01-31 14:16:02 ET

tee-hee :D

2004-01-31 19:56:32 ET

That is an AW3ESOME pic of you.

2004-02-01 04:16:03 ET

Thanks Angel! :)) weeee

2004-02-01 14:57:55 ET

girlz, this is how Shay looks from *my* DJ station.
10$ for a ticket :P

2004-02-02 09:18:13 ET

Haha. I couldnt oggle Shay. He's my leader!
He looks cool in person though, although he was one of the last people that I ever thought I'd meet off of SK.

2004-02-02 16:09:09 ET

Aye, I am ze Leader.

Plus, oogling is for 18+, ladies ;D

2004-02-02 16:10:33 ET

why the last??

2004-02-02 20:21:34 ET

HAHA. Well, when I turn 18, I'll start oogling.
And the last because he's from so far away.

2004-02-02 23:45:18 ET

girlz girlz, you have to pass ze manager first :P

2004-02-03 05:13:27 ET

oh, really..? ^_^

2004-02-03 07:48:37 ET

i will come armed with binoculars then.

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