Retrospecively Jersey
2004-02-01 14:25:26 ET

After my crumby psychometric course today I went out to the Sofabeat. Every Sunday they give stage to artists off Jerusalem's Ak Duck label, and tonight starred Polish Butterfly, who does nifty dark electronics.
The sound wasn't great n' all, and I only took a few sips of beer off my dnb-crew buddy's who came along, but it was still worth while cuz I got to meet a lot of ol' time Jerusalem folks.

Oh, and I got to hear the Malkiel Grossman mix to Top Hat Carriers *sw00n!!*

(yeah, I know nobody knows what I'm talking about, but my heart skipped a beat)

anyway, thassit for now. Still coughing a lot.

Gotta call my mate Moshe who lives in NY now. He's got a birfday tomorrow :O

:: Listening to: Polish Butterfuly - Cut off the Wire ::

2004-02-02 00:00:21 ET

ובגלל שאף אחד לא הבין כלום, אני אומרת שנהפוך את זה לפוסט הרשמי בעברית

2004-02-02 02:31:34 ET

Naw, English.

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