2004-02-02 02:47:18 ET

Turns out I'm djing at The Balcony Pub tonight.

Sweet. I like money.

:: Listening to: mk Umek and Dave Clarke - live at Convex Club ::

2004-02-02 03:30:50 ET

i like money too, but i have no job (i'm lazy :P)

2004-02-02 03:42:15 ET

i like money too, but I can't come today (I could count the reasons if you'd like)

2004-02-02 04:36:44 ET

Roos - I don't got a job either, this is just a one-time thing I think.. (Even if it were regular, I still wouldn't call DJing at a pub once a week a 'job' hehe)

Noa - well, f00 on you, then. We still gotta do Wings & Chips sometime.

2004-02-02 09:32:18 ET

Fly me to Israel so I can gooooo

2004-02-02 16:38:30 ET

If I were a zillionaire I would. :O

2004-02-02 20:24:44 ET

I'll be waiting fo rthat.

2004-02-03 05:14:44 ET

yeah, me too, hon.

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