2004-02-08 12:54:16 ET

This psychometric course thing is killing me. I can't do anything without feeling guilty. I'm waaay behind on my homework, and there's no way I'm gonna take this test again. I fucking need to get my shit together and focus on this..

But alas, many other attractions.. Some of them necessities. If I give up on my social life now, I'll find myself sunk in a depressive stupor.

I feel a need for change, but impotence and helplessness as to actually figuring out what it is I need changed, and how to trigger it.

I'm also quite broke, wishwashed in the lovelife dept., and generally feel like I'm going nowhere.


I'm also injured. I may have sprained my ankle at a party this Friday, and I'm limping like a human experiment gone horribly wrong.

..And all this depressing music isn't helping.

::Listening to: Snow Patrol - Run ::

2004-02-08 13:23:40 ET

and YOU are telling ME to cheer up?!
come on, dude, you're just going through some rough times right now... things will work out eventually. :)

2004-02-08 13:36:50 ET

I know, it's the depressing time of year. Birthday's comin up :(

2004-02-08 14:28:39 ET

If it's a bit of comfort, you're not alone, I can identify with some of the feelings you expressed here (study pressure, heart broken).

2004-02-08 14:36:26 ET

Yeah.. Though I don't really take comfort in numbers.
See, I _am_ alone. That's the problem.

2004-02-08 14:43:16 ET

you're not alone... you have such a cool group of friends... i know it's not the same, but it's more than you think.
besides, if i didn't have my man (and didn't live on the other side of the planet) i'd totally go out with you! ;p

2004-02-08 14:53:46 ET

heh, thanks Maya ! *blush*

2004-02-08 14:54:08 ET

*buys you a bear*

2004-02-08 15:03:10 ET


2004-02-08 15:12:14 ET

you is welcome.

2004-02-08 15:18:52 ET


2004-02-08 23:34:41 ET

what you all need, is a decent blow job.

2004-02-09 03:55:31 ET

Might I remind you, YOU'RE ONE OF US.

2004-02-09 05:39:39 ET

(I try to keep away from this)

2004-02-09 07:22:08 ET

I'd type a link to the drama-posts of your life, but I think you know them already.

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