Post-Midweek, pre-Weekend summary.
2004-02-11 12:37:34 ET

Okay, a few anecdotes and observations from the past few days:

* I went to the dentist. Look ma, no cavities!
- Haven't been to a dentist in 5 years :O
- Turns out when I sleep I grind my teeth (!?@#$) I'll need someone to confirm that one for me.

* When some girls call you up and ask you if you wanna study together, they don't necessarily want sex.
- I will never understand women.
- She took a look at my CDs and immidietly played the one titled 'Industrial'. It's always the quiet ones..

* I didn't wake up from a 5-richter quake today.
- Nothing bothers me when I sleep.
- I don't think it was a regular earthquake; It was our forthfathers and national heroes spinning in their graves.

* There's this girl I think I like (maybe), and I think maybe she likes me too. Maybe.
- I'm sort of terrified of the concept.
- I have no idea what to do about it. :O

Hmm. I remembered I had mroe to say, and I remember them being more interesting in my head. Ho well.

:: Listening to: נושאי המגבעת - אני טקסט פוליטי (מלכיאל גרוסמן רימיקס) ::

2004-02-11 13:19:06 ET

who's the lucky chick?

2004-02-11 13:36:51 ET

there was mentioning of a lucky chick?
I am...


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