I'm so bored, it's painful
2004-02-14 08:49:52 ET

Haven't done one of these in a while. And it's fun because it's instead of homework.

Name: Sir Lancelot of Camelot.
Height: 1.82m
Weight: dunno
Shoesize: 44 European
Hair color: Brown
Hair long/short? too long to be considered short.
Nails long/short? short
Innie/outie? I finally figured out what this means, I'm an innie.

Do you..
Smoke? Weed
Drink? Yeah
Do drugs? uhm.. No. *looks side to side*
Bite your nails? Maybe.
Pick your nose? only after raves ;)
Talk with your mouth full? Don't think so
Jaywalk? Haha, yeah.

Do you prefer..
Men/Women? I'm as straight as an arrow.
One partner/More than one? I'm thinking one here.
Receiving Handjob/blowjob? I'd give my right arm for a handjob! *pun*
Giving? I'm not answering that.
Missionary/69? Eh, actually I like Woman On Top.
Have you had sex in the past..
Year? Yeah
Month? Maybe
Week? No.
Day? Fuck you.

Day of the week? Go listen to Wannadies - Hit.
Color? Ultraviolet :P
TV show? I don't watch tv. I'm into cartoons (Ren & Stimpy, Invader Zim, Futurama) and oldskool stuff (The Prisoner, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Cold Lazarus)
Movie? I can't pick a single one.. No way.
Thw LAST good movie I saw was Dogville.
Song? Again, no way I can choose one.. The last good (new) song I heard was Franz Ferdinand - Take me Out I think.
Pastime? I don't know if I'd call it favourite, but I do it so much, so I guess it must be: surfing around on the net, while listening to pirated music.

What's your opinion (in one sentence) on the subject of..
The War in Iraq? It sucks.
Global Warming? It sucks.
Medicaid/Medicare? It sucks.
Globalization? It sucks.
Abortions? It sucks.
This questionaire? It sucks

Bla bla bla......

Life is boring.

:: Listening to: Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic ::

2004-02-14 08:54:27 ET

do you mean to tell me coconuts migrate?

2004-02-14 09:06:35 ET

*click-clock* *click-clock* *click-clock*

2004-02-14 09:30:53 ET

my fave part of the holy grail is when he meets the peasants and they are lost about who is the king andthe one argues, kevin, with the king about how you can't go around saying you're king because you get a sword from some tart out of water

2004-02-17 23:47:35 ET

Name: Meirav Marion the 1st
Height: 1.69m
Weight: about 48kl
Shoesize: 39 European
Hair color: the original? brown
Hair long/short? long
Nails long/short? short
Innie/outie? i still don't know what it means.

Do you..
Smoke? yah
Drink? yah
Do drugs? yah
Bite your nails? nope
Pick your nose? playing with my septum ;)
Talk with your mouth full? when i've got something really important to say at the same moment.
Jaywalk? i send to much time in Tel Aviv. hell yeah.

Do you prefer..
Men/Women? women.
One partner/More than one? waiting for the special one.
Receiving Handjob/blowjob? haujobb ;P both actually
Giving? both again.
Missionary/69? lets get there first...
Have you had sex in the past..
Year? Yeah
Month? ah...
Week? no...
Day? i hate you.

Day of the week? thank god it's friday!
Color? PINK!!!
TV show? wudja cudja. hehehe.
Movie? high fidelity and chocolate.
Song? you are asking the impossible.
Pastime? muzik and messenger and forums and sk.
What's your opinion (in one sentence) on the subject of..
The War in Iraq? suck ass.
Global Warming? kill all sheep!
Medicaid/Medicare? i'm not sure...
Globalization? pasivism rulez
Abortions? a woman should do what is right for her.
This questionaire? pastime

2004-02-18 06:31:11 ET

har, another bored soul.
\m/ passivism!

2004-02-18 09:15:14 ET

Name: sarah beth cohen york
Height: 5'8''
Weight: around 65
Shoesize: 11 usa
Hair color: black
Hair long/short? short
Nails long/short? short
Innie/outie? innie

Do you..
Smoke? yes, cloves
Drink? no
Do drugs? no
Bite your nails? yes
Pick your nose? only when i'm hoping to find gold, or platinum
Talk with your mouth full? no
Jaywalk? yes, doesn't everyone!

Do you prefer..
Men/Women? neb
One partner/More than one? one
Receiving Handjob/blowjob? hahahaha i like to blow
Giving? give, i hate getting .
Missionary/69? i like being on top
Have you had sex in the past..
Year? yesh
Month? no.
Week? no...
Day? no

Day of the week? saturday
Color? hot pink
TV show? i haven't watched television in two years
Movie? trainspotting.
Song? creep.
Pastime? smoke my cloves and ponder about youssef
What's your opinion (in one sentence) on the subject of..
The War in Iraq? you know, i hate the president so i won't comment
Global Warming? we need to start caring about what is happening to the earth
Medicaid/Medicare?we need it and to kill bush for wanting to eliminate it.
Globalization? ah...
Abortions? it's not my decision or position to say it's right or wrong.
This questionaire? i'm bored

2004-02-18 11:48:08 ET

can someone please tell me what da hell is outtie/innie?!

2004-02-18 15:14:11 ET

it's in reference to your...


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