I luv these guyz
2004-02-18 07:01:05 ET


Yesterday I went out to the bi-weekly britpop line I'm helpin to promote, it was ...

It's been a while since I actually had a lotta fun at one of these. There were lottsa people, and there was a concert by a local band called 'Sidefield' who were really good. Very Morrisey/Cure type stuff.
Plus, in the 80's-90's room, the DJ played Scooter and Chimo Bayo. Always fun :]

Anyway, I'm off to go to my stupid psychometric class.. The weekend's approachin! weeeee

:: Listening to: Beats for Beginners - Kill All DJs ::

2004-02-18 08:54:06 ET

first time i see this, and I already hate it

2004-02-18 09:21:38 ET

Does the 90's zone there stand in one line with the legendary Ronen parties?

2004-02-18 10:38:57 ET

no :P

2004-02-18 15:14:46 ET

though he is DJing there in a month ;)

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