Post-Birthday Post
2004-02-29 14:29:15 ET

I am dead. Well, 23, not dead.
Anyway, thanks everybody for a terrific weekend bash, <3 <3 <3 you all !

Thursday at the Atari Ball was so awesome I can't remember a thing!

Friday's clubhopping extravaganza, finishing off with mornin' drum n' bass action ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Okay, so I had fun y'all, you knew you could make me, and you succeeded.

Aight, back to work.

:: Listening to: Lodger - I Love Death ::

2004-02-29 14:53:22 ET

Happy Belated Birthday!

2004-02-29 15:17:12 ET


2004-02-29 17:22:17 ET

Happy belated barfday :o)

2004-03-01 04:18:12 ET


2004-03-01 06:09:07 ET


2004-03-01 06:11:03 ET

dank u!

2004-03-01 06:17:29 ET

graag gedaan! :p

2004-03-01 06:22:42 ET


2004-03-01 11:33:32 ET

work?!! what work?

and I will never forget you. Well, my liver won't.

2004-03-01 13:07:03 ET

*whiplash* not actual work, more, like 'back to routine'.

And err.. awww.. I think.

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