2004-03-05 20:17:25 ET

thanks everybody, I hate the drama so I killed the previous post.

I'm quite drunk now, so that's okay.

2004-03-05 21:25:34 ET

drunk is better than sad though, i guess.

2004-03-06 00:56:04 ET

killing drama is such a good feeling sometimes

2004-03-06 03:28:17 ET

angel wings....

2004-03-06 05:23:38 ET

Mmmm.. Angel wings. Yum.

2004-03-06 05:27:10 ET

Furax - it's like zapping em' with a railgun :]

2004-03-06 11:19:44 ET

<3 railgun

2004-03-06 11:21:17 ET

If only dealing with emotional pain was as easy as fraggin' punkass n00bz.

2004-03-06 11:28:26 ET

too true... too true

2004-03-06 11:33:46 ET

*le sigh*


2004-03-06 11:33:53 ET

*doesn't respawn*

2004-03-06 11:56:23 ET

aww heh... though... i do prefer games where you don't respawn so much... i'm more into the tactical and survival shooter types

2004-03-06 13:40:51 ET

<3 dramadeath

2004-03-06 15:44:40 ET

I'm more into Star Control II.

Rix - Deathdeathdeath.

2004-03-07 14:47:04 ET

Fuck, i need a Box o' wine...have you ever had one of those? GODS JIZM I TELL YOU!

2004-03-07 17:31:55 ET

A whole box? pshnawwwww
I don't think I'd like any of God's jiz thanyouverymuch.
I'm more into redbull+vodka+whiskey+aftershock.

2004-03-07 19:10:14 ET

2004-03-08 13:24:33 ET

hehe, a fellow drunkard. weeeee

2004-03-08 20:05:47 ET


2004-03-09 09:40:38 ET

I need to stop drinking for a bit. It's losing any effect on me.

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