hip hop hooray
2004-03-09 14:34:48 ET

Just came back from a hip hop party. I generally despise hip hop, but it was kinda fun. Cypress Hill and stuff.
And there was beer and weed and pizza too.

That is all.

Note to self: Stop drinking.

:: Listening to: Oomph! - Augen Auf ::

2004-03-09 14:46:05 ET

i want pizza...

2004-03-09 14:49:29 ET

I got it for free, cuz I sent an sms to a radio station.

2004-03-09 14:54:58 ET

damn you and your free pizza! i want beer too...
Edit: omg, i just remembered i had a dream with you and Noa in it last night! it was weird!!!

2004-03-09 15:50:52 ET

really? Tell me more!

2004-03-09 16:09:04 ET

well... in the dream you, me, Noa, and another unrecognized guy are supposed to go to some party or club in Tel Aviv, so before we go we sit in this pub on King George ST. and all of a sudden there are shootings on the rooftop of a building across the pub, so i run to the bathroom in the pub, and of course there's chaos and screaming but after like 5 minutes everything is like back to normal and i go back to out table and tell you guys i was lying down on the floor in the bathroom (to protect myself from the bullets) and Noa gives me this funny look and says: "you were lying on the bathroom floor in this stinkin' place?! eeeeeew!" and basically everybody just gives me shit for lying on the dirty and disgusting floor in the bathroom of a pub... i don't remember what happened after that... but it was WEIRD!!!

2004-03-09 16:12:28 ET

That sounds so true.
Like, us hardcore people don't even put our beer glasses down when there's shooting outside.

Cool dream, buba.

2004-03-09 16:19:06 ET

most hip-hop that isnt gangsta cRap or just plain annoying is good, methinks

hellooooooooooooooo nurse!

2004-03-10 04:45:52 ET


2004-03-10 10:47:17 ET

Heh, Maya
Me and Toilets are like oil and water
something something :)

2004-03-10 13:33:22 ET

Dammit, I want a party like that, except without the alcohol and hiphop.

2004-03-10 16:42:51 ET

haha, poor kid, nothing out there in the midwest, eh?

2004-03-12 14:07:42 ET

Eh, there is, you just have to know where to look, and I'm too lazy to.

2004-03-12 16:26:41 ET

eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww! hip hop! lol.

2004-03-12 17:32:09 ET

haha, what're u doing on SK.? ;)

Angel - Yes, because laying around home moping is so much fun! :]

2004-03-12 19:17:33 ET

Actually, I went to a little Bingo place earlier where local screamo/hardcore bands play.. it was ok.
Kansas is full of emos though, it makes me giggle.

2004-03-13 05:49:20 ET

i'm here dammit. lol. i've been posting on the 87685679879 journals i have just a little more often.
shay - yea, i agree with you but i don't know if i'd be able to do THAT.
nuclear - giggling is always good :)

2004-03-13 11:34:22 ET

You should give it a try. It's nice to mvoe out of the shell once in a while. :)

Angel - Warning. You may have been infected.

2004-03-13 12:02:30 ET

I'm sure I was, now I may have an urge to get thick rimmed glasses and write about exboyfriends.

2004-03-13 12:06:08 ET

The emo plague. oh lord!

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