World of Bizzare
2004-03-21 03:07:19 ET

This weekend was really fucked up.

Thursday I went out to weird-inudstrial-experimental act at this shitty club which looked like a communist underground club in eastern Europe.

Friday I went to hear Meirav's set (which was excellent). I got fairly drunk, and some girl tried to rape me in the bathroom, after pulling some jedi mind tricks on me.
Then I ate meat in the morning.

Saturday I was taken to a dyke bar (don't ask). Some fruity colourful hippie chick came on to me. She was scary. She told me I looked like Boy George ((!#@)(@#?), and meant it as a compliment. She also told me Pisces are the best in bed. :O
Then the DJ played WHAM! and I died.

(and then on the way to get something to eat Asaf mentioned someone we know lives nearby, so we screamed outside her window, went up for a smoke, and left just as quickly).

(then we ate sandwiches).

How Bizzare.

:: Listening to: Franz Ferdinand - The Dark Of The Matinee ::

2004-03-21 03:10:18 ET

you? boy george? EHH!?!?!

2004-03-21 03:12:52 ET


2004-03-21 18:12:40 ET

damn you and your interesting life, with LESBIANS and RAPISTS and SANDWICHES.

2004-03-22 03:40:28 ET

here, have a sandwich.

2004-03-22 20:16:42 ET

my life already seems more filled

2004-03-23 04:32:04 ET

Ancient Chinese curse:
"May you live in interesting times."

2004-03-24 07:56:01 ET

I'd also like to mention that the Wham! song was mash-upped by Merav and myself along with a freestyle of "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" by The Culture Club :>

2004-03-24 10:44:31 ET

laugh at my pain.

2004-03-24 16:33:03 ET

"Don't want no more of the crying game..."

2004-03-24 19:45:39 ET

you're going to hell for that one.

2004-03-25 01:12:22 ET

woah, dude, you're actually a MAN?!?

2004-03-25 08:14:14 ET

you knew that :P

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