2004-03-26 08:10:17 ET

Yesterday was weird.
Today will be weirder.

I remember the days of peace and predictability. Ho well.

There's a family gathering at my place tonight. There's gonna be home videos. I'm gonna want to die.

And for all u bitchez, my sister made sushi. If there's anything left I'll let you know.

Thank god I'll have the azimut / drum n' bass to get obscenely drunk and forget all of this.

P.S. My life will be changing drastically in the near future.

:: Listening to: Cylob - Cut the midrange drop the bass ::

2004-03-26 08:12:35 ET

Changing how?

2004-03-26 08:16:20 ET

They are?

2004-03-27 11:32:44 ET

In less than a week I'll finish the psychometric exam. I've already been accepted to Uni, so even if it sucks I'll be studying next year. I'll start working at that comics store in Ramat Aviv, and I'll be moving to Tel Aviv.
After the summer I'll be a working student with a rental apartment, who'dve thought, eh?

2004-03-28 12:50:34 ET

I never ate sushi, and I'm ashamed for that. I really want to try it sometime, but nobody want to go with my to a sushi bar :(

2004-03-28 14:24:10 ET

Next time I'm in the netherlands I'll be willing to sacrifice my usual anti-sushi stance and take you up for a bite.

2004-03-29 00:10:21 ET

Great ! :) I know some sushi bars in rotterdam :P

2004-03-29 03:20:57 ET

Ooooo, you're moving! Are you excited?
I, myself, have only been here in NYC for 2 1/2 months and am sick of living in a place that smells like the uncleansed inner ring of a toilet 60% of the time. New York definetly has a lot of wonderful jems that make my excitement meter flip some numbers, buuuut...well, I'm not a woman of the concrete jungle; I like a little more foliage.

2004-03-29 11:03:15 ET

Roos - It's a date :)
Lila - ahh, I see. Well, I'm a citykid. I <3 concrete :]
Then again, I've never lived in NYC.

2004-03-31 23:17:00 ET

hell yeah ! :p

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