2004-04-01 09:47:40 ET

Got my test results back.

I'm pregnant.

Okay, no, it's just april 1st, but guess what?

I'm over with the stupid fucking psychometric exam, weeeeeeeee!

I also stopped by the comics store after I was done, and they want me to start wednesday, weeeeeeee!

My parents are flying to Cuba, and I'll be home alone, weeeeeeeeee!

hmm.. I'm probably gonna move soon to tel aviv, weeeeeeeeee!

Okay, that's enough cheerfulness.

Just one last thing... When it rains, it pours. Hell yeah. To bad it's all crumby acid rain, but at least it's nice to get wet again.. Okay, you go the metaphor. nm.

:: Listening to: Primal Scream - Swastika Eyes ::

2004-04-01 10:21:02 ET

YAY!!! good for you! :D

2004-04-01 10:22:36 ET

Moving to Tel-Aviv?!
But you've got such a beautiful mansion right now :)

2004-04-01 17:11:56 ET

I always knew you were a COMMIE.

2004-04-01 19:07:42 ET

Are Israelites allowed in Cuba at all?

2004-04-01 19:10:44 ET

Maya - Thanks honeyyyyy
Asaf - Yes but this isn't MY mansion, now is it?
Angel - That's MR. COMMIE to you.
Asaf - I would need top-notch-special-clearance from IDF Security, but normal citizens are allowed, yup.

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