2004-04-10 05:14:29 ET

Ahhh, here I am, 10 hours after yesterday's retrotechno party, and my brain is mush.
Someone come make me coffee, damnit!

Nothing like drowning one's sorrows in vodka-redbull, yay.

:: Listening to: Pizzicato Five - Twiggy Twiggy ::

2004-04-10 15:26:18 ET

OMG. Vodka-redbull. So good so good.

2004-04-10 20:45:53 ET

and let us not forget listening to jpop.

Goot goot

2004-04-10 23:02:40 ET

BAH to jpop.
I <3 the whole jpop, jrock, lolita thingy look and all, but the music is not appealing, AT ALL.

2004-04-11 06:13:09 ET

haha, I guess when you grow older, kinky lounge music seems more appealing.

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