2004-04-13 14:23:07 ET

I should've never gotten a job at a comics store ! :O

:: Listening to: The Gentle Waves - Partner In Crime ::

2004-04-13 15:11:04 ET


you'd think it would be fun!

2004-04-13 18:10:35 ET

do they need more employees?

2004-04-13 20:48:49 ET

Why so?

2004-04-14 13:02:01 ET

I keep spending all I earn on comicssssssssss *pulls hair out*
Too.. Much.. Cool.. Stuff..

Liron - I'll ask, though Noa asked before and they said they needed only 1 employee.

2004-04-18 13:08:39 ET


I have the same problem.. but I don't work at one... one of my best friends owns one though so it's basically the same thing.

2004-04-18 21:41:15 ET

*taps veins*
I'm addicted.

What's your drug of choice?

2004-04-19 14:07:55 ET

way too many... really want me to list some?

2004-04-20 04:21:58 ET

sure :]

2004-04-20 04:24:07 ET

Okay, some off the top of my head... I think all of Marvel's x-titles, Runaways, Inhumans, Serenity Rose, New Mutants, ummm... wow... it's too early and I can't think of many all of a sudden... remind me later and I'll try to list more... sorry, brain not awake yet.

2004-04-20 14:38:20 ET

Cool :) I'm waiting for the Reload to (maybe) start reading some X-titles again. I haven't read any of the running X-title in ages. I hate what they've done to em'.
I think I might start wiht Astonishing X-Men #1, cuz it's written by the guy who wrote Buffy and Fray and he's terrific with dialog, and Exiles 46/47, because this seems to be the most interesting X-title right now, somehow I missed it when it started, but this seems to be a good time to join in the fun.

Generally, I read stuff by Vertigo/Slave Labor Graphics/IDW Publishing.
That's pretty much it, with the occasional exception to Marvel or Dark Horse because of a good writer/artist or an interesting premise (NYX by Quesada, 1602 by Gaiman, Punisher: The End by Ennis, and some Bendis' stuff too)

2004-04-20 14:49:20 ET

The core X-Men books have been pretty bad lately... with the exception of the one being written by Claremont... I'm really looking forward to the Re-load too... hoefully the books are good. I agree though. Astonishing looks like it will be a good read. Exiles is great fun, I've read it since it started and it's getting a new writer/artist so yeah, it probably will be a good time to jump on. If there's anything about it that confusses you, let me know and I'll see if I can help.
Serenity Rose is SLG, I don't think I read any Vertigo and the only DC title I read is Plastic Man because it's pretty damned funny.
I read 1602 and was kind of disappointed with it... the art was great but the story... I don't know... I just didn't enjoy it all that much. NYX is good, but would be much better if it could come out on time. I really like the Ultimate titles... ummm... wow... I'm going to start to ramble so that's it for right now.

2004-04-23 08:25:54 ET

haha, I can go on for ages (well, I do work at a comics store :O )
NYX seems uber cool, but yeah, if they'd get their fingers out of their arses and get it done it would be nice. 1602 is mm.. well.. Very Gaiman. And he doesn't know the Marvel Universe well. I'm saving judgment till I read #8. Anyway, it's for a good cause. He did 1602 so he could save up money for a new Miracleman series.

No Vertigo, eh? You should definately check out 'Y the last man' and 'fables'. They're just too cool.

2004-04-23 13:10:14 ET

Evreyone tells me I should check out "Y" but that could be 'cause he's a local artist... and I do like pretty much everything else Vaughan has written... maybe someone will lend me a trade or two of it... I'll have to ask tomorrow.

2004-04-24 07:37:53 ET

you do that :]

2004-04-24 07:43:07 ET

Fine! I will then!

Actually, I'll be seeing my friend that owns the comic book store... I think he might have a copy of it.. if not, he'll know which one of my other friends do.

2004-04-24 07:45:09 ET

let me know what u think :o)

2004-04-24 07:45:59 ET

I'll try to remember... if I don't say anything in a day or two it's 'cause I forgot to find this post again.

2004-04-24 07:47:45 ET

pm me biatch :P~~

2004-04-24 07:49:56 ET

Yes master.

*bows humbly before your greatness*

2004-04-24 07:51:55 ET


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