2004-04-18 12:42:48 ET

Nothing personal against Count Death here, but everyone who uses one of these

as their avatar should be dragged out to the street and shot.

:: Listening to: Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away (Kid 606 going back to bali remix) ::

2004-04-18 12:46:26 ET

True dat.

2004-04-18 12:47:18 ET

Oh... you think thats bad? my lj-avatar had an animated one of those..

i got rid of it though.

2004-04-18 12:54:45 ET


2004-04-18 13:15:35 ET

I wonder if anyone is going to change theirs now...

And my LJ avatar is an animated one of the one I have on here... Which, I should point out, I started using before these ones that you're talking about starting showing up on the 'net.

2004-04-18 13:58:29 ET

can't see the piccie!

2004-04-18 14:04:29 ET


2004-04-18 21:40:08 ET

Noa - that looks nothing like you.
Warped - if even 1 person changes, it was worth the post ;)
Ganz - animated? You did it by yourself or there's a site to make one of those too..?
Anagnosis - werd.

2004-04-19 03:54:01 ET

I tried. really!

2004-04-19 13:17:31 ET

I did it all by my lonesome

2004-04-19 13:41:22 ET

how talented ^_^

2004-04-19 13:45:40 ET


2004-04-19 13:59:29 ET

Hullo :)

2004-04-20 04:21:34 ET

היידפארק. מרתק.

2004-04-20 05:09:58 ET

What about people who use a fish with another fish in it's mouth?

2004-04-20 05:26:03 ET

מוות להיידפארק:

2004-04-20 14:31:39 ET

they too, should be brutally killed.

2004-04-20 14:34:54 ET

Am I the only non-Israeli here?
Oh wait, I'm Israeli, I've just never been to Israel.

2004-04-20 17:06:36 ET

Im not israeli..

2004-04-20 20:09:36 ET

I'm not Israeli... I just wear a Star of David because I've always liked how they look.

2004-04-20 20:14:55 ET

Yeah, well..

2004-04-20 20:35:08 ET

Tourists, come to Israel! It's a nice country!

2004-04-21 03:19:30 ET

I'm not Israeli, and I'm also dead. <X's over eyes like in a shitty silent film>

2004-04-23 08:21:13 ET

Hooray for all you Hebrewphiles! :]

Asaf - I can't believe you put a link to Chicky Arad's CD. :O

2004-04-23 10:15:59 ET

You're right, I've come today to a conclusion that I can't quite stand the dude.
Nevertheless - his music is quite interesting, check it out.

2004-04-24 07:37:24 ET

I know his music, and much like the dude himself, it's pondscum.

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