poo :(
2004-04-24 07:41:09 ET

For no apparant reason, I'm feeling very blue lately.

That's not entirely true, something is bothering me specifically, but it shouldn't.

I'm totally partied out. I'm getting bored with the routine.
Yes, it's nice to have a good, local club, which I get in free and drink for free and they bring a myriad of good djs
and yet..

:: Listening to: Subway Suckers - Sunbeam ::

2004-04-24 07:44:34 ET

*feels your arm*

hmmm... you feel like a person to me...

Maybe it's the blue eyeshadow you have on...

*licks a napkin and starts to try to get it off*

2004-04-24 07:47:22 ET

I actually LOLed now really.

2004-04-24 07:48:30 ET

Good... I achieved my goal then.

But why would you say LOL instead of actually laughing?


2004-04-24 07:50:47 ET

oh, I'm sure you've said LOL in real life too :P~

2004-04-24 07:53:30 ET

not when I found something funny...

nor when someone told me something that I thought was funny...

Don't mind me... I like to twist words, as should be obvious by now...

2004-04-24 07:55:28 ET

*cold lol*

2004-04-24 07:56:41 ET

awww... are you sick? Want some medicine?

2004-04-24 07:58:23 ET

no. yes.

2004-04-24 13:52:03 ET

<hugs j00>
feel better...and come back to cali!

2004-04-25 03:20:30 ET

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I wish I could :/ !!!

2004-04-27 14:32:04 ET

<hugs> there there.

ill just have to get to israel eventually ;-P

2004-04-28 03:19:40 ET

I'm a few days late on thees one, but none the less...
I hope you are feeling better than blue now, senor.
I feel ya when it comes to the 'partied out;' that is not at all how I feel now, but a few years ago, I was partied out, and I decided to ditch it all. Now, three years later, I think I've had my rest and I'm ready to be partied in again ;)
I hope you find what you need to be happy.

2004-04-28 08:43:11 ET

Lars - yay! bring Lila here with you ;)
Lila - aye, it comes and goes, I'm okayish now.

2004-04-29 03:28:30 ET

YES! Take me Lars, take me! Uh, to Israel that is! Is....what I mean! ..... Yea!

2004-04-30 01:18:03 ET


fine fine...ill take you...either way
<wiggles eyebrows> ;-D

2004-05-01 07:24:02 ET

*pr0n music*

2004-05-01 09:42:05 ET

hmm...shay..you lookin to get involved in this?
i mean it has been awhile......<"accidentaly" rips off pants>
oops! :-o

2004-05-01 11:56:10 ET


sorry hon, I have a headache *turns to my side of the bed*

2004-05-01 12:24:46 ET

do i look like i care!?
<unf unf unf unf unf>

2004-05-02 09:19:13 ET


2004-05-02 10:02:38 ET


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