big shproingle!
2004-05-01 12:05:05 ET

I should be posting about the random randomness and insanity that has been going on. I'm so lazy though. Jeez.

I'll just stick with one story I guess.
A few nights ago we spotted a tow-truck parked in the middle of the road, with a car on it's back (it's one of those you-parked-in-the-wrong-place,-bub tow trucks), and a guy sitting in the car. There was a whole bunch of police all around and a big crowd cheering him. Turns out the tow took his car, so he got into a cab, got to a stoplight and jumped into his car on top of the truck and locked himself in. Regulations porhibit towing a car with a person inside, so the towtruck stopped, and tried to convince the guy to get out, and he wouldn't, so eventually he called the cops. 3 odd hours or so later, the guy was still in there, and everytime the cops tried to open his door, he'd lock em' and not let em' in.
And the crowd wen't wiiiiiiild!
It was so much fun. It was like a 60's happening.
If it'd lasted longer we would've start selling merchandise.

Speaking of crowds, turns out Maccabi Tel Aviv won the European basketball championship tonight, hooray and stuff I guess.

While I'm still feeling generally partied-out, last night's party was pretty fun, and I'm enthused about our party this thursday @ hatzofe too. S'gonna be wickedddddd

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2004-05-02 00:11:35 ET

that's just great

2004-05-02 09:17:12 ET

our tow truck looks NOTHING like that

2004-05-02 10:01:08 ET

but larger-than-life pink micro machine tow truck ownz all!

2004-05-03 05:34:51 ET


2004-05-08 20:25:20 ET

i miss that strange shit in israel...

2004-05-09 01:25:58 ET


I'm sure there's crazy ass shit in Australia too, dude.

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