incapacity of happy
2004-05-11 01:25:18 ET

Met up yesterday with my Jerusalemc0re mate Ariel.
We ate chips and drank beer and talked about everything, the way you can only converse with people you've known for most of your life.
There's rottenness in the air, everyone can feel it.
We were joking about how we now seem to have lost our capacity of feeling good about ourselves, and are now merely taking measures so that everyone else is as miserable as us.
So is this what everyone is going through? Feeling miserable and nigh powerless to change things?
This is the stuff of my nightmares. There's nothing I hate more than impotence, or helplessness, and it's making me despise myself for it.
If only I knew what to do :/

I think I'll think about it tomorrow.
Afterall, tomorrow is another day.

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2004-05-11 03:54:10 ET

I think, in a way, it is what 'everyone' is going through, and I mean the everyone who are people transitioning from childhood to adulthood in the 'this is for real' way. Obviously, since we live in two distinctly different places, there will be factors that accompany our respective experiences, however, I have been having similar conversations with my confidants and I have been having similar feelings. This is a fucked up confusing time for everyone who has the unfortunate timing of being between 21-27; it's a precarious time in world politics and economics and we have the pleasure of undergoing our most difficult shift in gear while all this shit is going down.
I say, 'I ain't afraid of no rolly coaster.'
And if you ever need to bitch in private to someone who is entirely objective, you know one place you can go my brotha ;)

PS My roomate is now in Israel, but she didn't know what kind of contact info she'd have while she was there, like phone and shit; I'm sorry! It would be bad ass if you run into her though; she will stick out majorly: Around 5 feet 9 inches tall (1.75 meters) Brazilian in ethnicity, Loud and American with a touch of A New York accent in her voice, overweight, glasses, olive skin and dark brown curly hair. Chances are though, the loud part is what will give her away. Oh, and her boyfriend is like a 6'3" Austrian guy; that will give them away too :)

2004-05-11 10:12:50 ET

Thanks Lila, you is da coolest of em' all.

I'll keep y0 friend's details in mind.. Though everybody here is loud (really!)

2004-05-12 17:49:59 ET

in one word:
T R A V E L !!!
i tell you man, i never gonna stop:)

2004-05-13 01:58:43 ET

fuck, dude, you're killing me here.

I want outttttttttt

2004-05-13 03:15:38 ET

ARG! Don't say travel! It's killing me right now too, especially with summer starting but I have to be in poopy school the whole time, boooooooo!

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