2004-05-15 05:14:03 ET


yes, yes, more parties n stuff.
I don't really feel like updating about parties, it's tedious.
Some Jerusalemc0re friends came out to tel aviv yesterday, that was pretty cool.

I also finished the second tp of Y the Last Man.
And I had a dream about Judd Winnick. :O
Comics are taking over my life, I fear.

I think I'll be going to a big protest later in tel aviv (to support getting the fuck out of gaza).

Still dunno what's up wid d apartment in tel aviv, waiting for an answer..

So that's it for now..

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2004-05-15 12:44:39 ET

last night i had a dream that i got my left nipple pierced.


2004-05-16 10:44:58 ET


2004-05-17 03:29:51 ET

There was a protest against all kinds of shit outside my work on Friday (*note to reader: it was not against my particular job, as I work for a boring old Investor Relations Consulting Firm....but our building is in Times Square, which is the place to do protests n shit). So there was this protest against essentially all human injustice, but when I walked out into the fray they were protesting against the occupation of Palastinian lands, or rather the subordination of the Palastinian people. I grabbed some literature they had on a table; it was about all kinds of shit: Haiti, Central African Republic, getting ground truths to the soildiers in Iraq, etc. Some guy came up next to me, grabbed a flyer, and ripped it in the face of the woman stading behind the table. She was like, "Yea, ripping a piece of paper in my face is really going to change things." Hahaha; I thought that was a good one.
Good luck at ye olde protest!

2004-05-17 08:22:05 ET

heh, ended up skipping the protest and laying around getting stoned and eating pizza instead. Ah well, the world is still spinning.

In my humble opinion, ripping flyers is as effective, if not moreso than dispersing flyers.

2004-05-18 03:16:30 ET

I still think it was a funny come back, though.

In your own special way, Shay, you laying around eating pizza while stoned in the midst of all of the choas is just as much as a statement of protest as anything ;)

2004-05-18 05:40:40 ET

hmm.. yeah... YEAH!

As a matter of fact,
I think I should do even LESS!

2004-05-19 06:34:23 ET

You have inspired me to stand up, shout, and say to the world, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" by promptly going out and buying an Economy size bag of 'Fun bites' Snickers.

2004-05-20 05:40:09 ET



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