Post Traumatic Fuck Up
2004-05-29 04:50:29 ET

I messed up yesterday with a dear friend.

When did I become this obssessed raving lunatic?
I could've sworn I wasn't always so fucked up.
I hope she'll let me fix this..

2004-05-29 05:36:08 ET

holy crap, that sounds like me about 2 weeks ago.

you ok?

2004-05-29 06:29:31 ET

I guess..

It seems like we'll get over this..

2004-05-29 06:44:59 ET

you're giving me a serious case of deja vu here.


2004-05-29 06:46:13 ET

haha, I guess I can take comfort in the fact that nothing in my life is original. LoL.

2004-05-29 08:57:11 ET

heh. well, great minds fuck up alike, i guess.

2004-05-29 11:18:33 ET

or is it fuckups do not differ..?

2004-05-29 16:51:17 ET

I like cheese.

2004-06-02 00:15:44 ET

Awww sorry to hear that both of you are having the same prob!:/(checked your page a little while ago Dok but am running short on time). Hope things work out for both of you! I know I've gone through similar situations and it always sucks.


TE:btw Ran into a guy from Isreal last night at the hostel who was saying he had never seen Cyber goths before his trip here. I was telling him I know there are some in Tel Aviv and showed him around sk because he didn't belive

2004-06-03 04:39:37 ET

Liron - MMmm. Cheese.

Cambria - There aren't any cybergoths in Israel ;)

And thanx for da kind werdz.

2004-06-04 06:57:40 ET

wish I had more I could say. Give you a hug or something!:(

2004-06-05 05:14:38 ET

virtua-hugs! yayyy
come on everybody,

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