down down down down, down-be-doobie down
2004-06-03 04:42:55 ET

I'm at work

so bored




On another note, I must kill all Mangakiddies.
Seriously, not only should they all die,
but it must be by my hands.

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2004-06-03 07:46:15 ET

Just don't do nothing, because that's even more boring! And the time will go really slow.

why killing mangakiddies?

2004-06-03 09:06:26 ET

yeah, they're so cute and cuddly!

2004-06-03 12:23:13 ET

Because all the kids who like manga are annoying snotheads?

2004-06-07 22:04:42 ET

teehee thanks *snort* ;)

2004-06-08 03:57:05 ET

haha, girls, don't take it personally, I'm talking about the stereotype that comes into my store...
Noa, I'm willing to watch Chobits with you. :O

2004-06-08 07:00:25 ET

well here in the netherlands anime also starting to be popular. on the tv you've got (blegh) dragon ball Z, yu-gi-oh, beyblade and sailor moon. But everything is translated in Dutch, so it sucks even more.

2004-06-09 05:23:53 ET

It's become trendy in Israel too, but I'm talking about the deranged geeks who know everything there is to know about manga and don't shut up about it ^_^

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