2004-06-06 03:40:53 ET

Another bizzaro weekend.. These days are comin to an end ..
So I got kicked out of this lounge-club thingie for promoting a competing party. So amusing, the owner-dude (old, bald, tubby fellow) grabbed my arm, so I tell him "hey, mister, respects n' all that bs, but get your paws off me." hahaha
so then I went to the drum n' bass birthday party thingie.. It was kinda boring, actually. I dunno, these things used to really excite me, ya'know? Now it's like, same-old, same-old.
The clubs going out of business, so I guess some downtime is comin'.. Maybe it's due.

Working everyday this week. Trying to kill myself.

:: Listening to: Jay Walk Snail - All I Wanted Was To Call Indiana ::

2004-06-06 19:22:51 ET

You're such a badass. :D

2004-06-07 01:43:13 ET

I can't be 'badass' while listening to Jay-Walk Snail. It just doesn't work that way. :O

But thanks yo, n' happy birfday n' stuff kid.

2004-06-07 04:02:19 ET

YES you can.
You're badass all the time!

And thanks n stuff.

2004-06-07 17:08:57 ET

Man, I've got to come to Israel and hang the hell out with you. When I get some goddamn money, i'm coming just to see you and Observe and Control. Because they kick ass beyond ass kicking.

2004-06-08 03:57:57 ET

Hellyeah, dude, that'd be sweet!
BTW, you can d/l off me on soulseek a live bootleg of O&C.

2004-06-08 07:15:05 ET

I'm gonna do it. I swear it. As soon as I get some money, since I have a job and all, I'll come stay with you or something. :)

2004-06-08 07:37:38 ET

I wanna go too!

2004-06-08 08:16:31 ET

If you want to get half the money or something together sometime, I'll take you to Israel with me <3

2004-06-08 08:20:55 ET

That would be so awesome.
I'm serious though, we really should someday.

2004-06-08 09:43:10 ET

I'm serious too, we really will if you want to :)

2004-06-09 02:52:48 ET

w00t! That'd be soo just.. wow.
This will happen.

2004-06-09 05:25:39 ET

Hopefully by then I'll have my own apartment, and you can crash, no problemo :)

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