2004-07-03 06:42:19 ET

I ate so much food right now, I look like I'm hiding a watermellon under my shirt.

Yesterday I was at a fucked up party in some underground tunnel in Jerusalem. As Noa put it, it looked like we're in the clip for Prodigy's Firestarter.

Mannn, I'm so wasted these past weeks.. eep.

:: Listening to: John B - American Girls ::

2004-07-03 07:39:13 ET

...eep backwards is pee!!!

2004-07-04 07:48:22 ET

Mud spelled backwards is Dum.

2004-07-04 14:42:02 ET

duck spelled backwards is kcud

2004-07-04 22:19:39 ET

shay spelled backwards is turf builder

2004-07-05 00:07:01 ET


Skank spelled backwards seXXXy.

2004-07-05 07:42:55 ET


2004-07-05 13:54:55 ET

the dutch word for spoon is LEPEL, and you can spell it backwards and it's still the same word! beat that!

2004-07-05 17:17:20 ET


2004-07-06 01:08:56 ET


2004-07-06 06:00:13 ET

InuYasha spelled backwards still sucks >_<

2004-07-06 07:26:59 ET


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