just in case u thought things get easier later on in life..
2004-07-11 04:20:35 ET

apartment hunting sucks balls.

that is all.

:: Listening to: Lords of Acid - I Must Increase my Bust ::

2004-07-11 05:06:55 ET

hey, maybe if I come to Israel, you can get me a job there yeah? That'd be fun!! Then I could keep you up all night by mudding and listening to random songs on repeat for hours on end. hahah. Right now I'm listening to They Don't Sleep On the Beach Any More by Godspeed you Black Emperor. Not even remotely industrial, it's this weird ambient stuff. Pretty damn cool.

2004-07-11 07:41:12 ET

godspeed rocks! i love the old man at the beginning of that song.

i wonder how different hunting in the states is versus hunting in israel...

2004-07-12 01:11:16 ET

I'm thinking it's pretty much the same, only somewhat cheaper.

I don't like GSYBE!.

And dude... why the fuck would u want to come live here?? O_o

2004-07-12 08:40:13 ET

what do you mean you don't like godspeed?!?!

2004-07-12 23:50:38 ET

I don't like godspeed you black emperor!.
I gave them a try, and except for a few tracks, I find them pretty boring.

2004-07-13 01:07:56 ET

Well, I've only heard they don't sleep on the beach which I find incredibly beautiful. I haven't heard anything else by them.

2004-07-13 18:00:52 ET

shay, you can come live with me here... :) i could use a normal roomate!
its just 100$ per week (100$ per week and a half if the landlord is too stoned to pick up the rent). plenty of company!!! (including spiders, roaches and 15 mice:))

2004-07-14 09:58:25 ET


I would <3 to come.

Maybe..maybemaybemaybe...if I had the money..ack.. no way.. oof... I really wanna visit Australia dude..

2004-07-14 16:44:24 ET

me, too! on the visiting australia. i think i'm going to start saving now and go in a couple of years.

2004-07-15 00:13:41 ET

I haven't been there since I left..
17 years. eep.

2004-07-15 20:07:23 ET

a couple of years?!?!?!? now now now now now

shay: money is only colored paper.

2004-07-17 07:50:13 ET

your point being..?

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