Good news everyone!
2004-07-18 11:32:23 ET

I'm moving to Tel Aviv in two weeks :-)

To my ever-evasive bud Tal's place, I got a medium-sized room, with access to a big veranda, air conditioning, a HUGE living room, fully-functional (and big enough) kitchen, computer work-space, free internet (as long as Tal stays in his current work place), and I can even afford this(!)
I'm also getting a bunch of furniture and shit from my sister, since she's moving to London in two weeks (Im' leechin' off her movers to take stuff to my new place)


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2004-07-19 03:06:47 ET


2004-07-19 03:13:38 ET

danke !

2004-07-19 03:30:54 ET

Congrats, but you should move HERE so I can BUM OFF OF YOU.
Or something.

2004-07-19 05:42:37 ET

come crashin' at my place chiquita.
I don't even know where Wichita, KS is.

2004-07-19 05:50:26 ET

It's about 6 hours southwest of where I used to live. :D
&I shall someday.

2004-07-19 05:51:28 ET

and bring that MyBrokenPromise kid u used to hang with ;D

2004-07-19 05:52:11 ET

Bah, I hate that bitch.

2004-07-19 05:54:14 ET

she was a lil' whiny emo kid, true C:

2004-07-19 05:55:01 ET

Yeah, I got sick of her complaining and CURBSTOMPED teh bitch.

2004-07-19 06:20:00 ET

TEH SH1T!!!11

2004-07-20 10:23:40 ET

Mazal Tov! does that mean that now when i move back to Israel i will have a place to crash every time i party a bit too much? ;p

2004-07-20 11:06:09 ET

you got it :]

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