Moving time
2004-07-31 06:05:14 ET

I don't wanna mumble about parties and such again.. It's tedious to keep posting 'yeah I was at a cool underground techno/dnb rave yesterday'. Heh, see, I did it again.

Anyway, so today I've been packing my shite, and hopefully I'll finish moving most of my stuff to my new apartment today.


I dunno if I should be excitedor not..well..anyway.. S'gonna be cool..

I don't think there's room in the car for all my garbage.

2004-07-31 06:28:35 ET

moving is exciting but a huge pain in the ass. hope it goes well for you dear.

2004-07-31 07:50:09 ET


2004-07-31 14:16:30 ET

this post brought to u by the computer in my new living room:

misa - indeed :]
Lars - that's Graver to you.

2004-07-31 18:26:56 ET

oh no! thats worse!!

2004-08-01 00:58:48 ET

hmmm.... graves.

2004-08-01 02:43:18 ET

oh my goth! :D

2004-08-02 12:48:15 ET

you should post some photos of your new home :)

2004-08-02 13:30:51 ET

do you rock the baggy graver pants?

...cause i hate those.


2004-08-02 14:48:44 ET

Roos - Not a bad idea!
Lars - hahah, what are graver pants? I've been wearing mainly ripped/cut 3/4 jeans/camo pants lately.

2004-08-02 17:11:03 ET

ah...then i dont think thats them. graver pants = those hugely freakishly baggy black pants that often have straps and/or chains and what-not hanging off of them

hell i dunno, maybe they dont even have those over there cause people are more fashion conscious ;-P

2004-08-03 02:44:33 ET

hehe, bondage pants are kewl.
But I don't got any.

2004-08-03 13:25:44 ET

bondage pants are good, yes

just not the GRAVER ones that are all freakishly baggy and therefore defeat the purpose of them even BEING bondage pants


holdon holdon ill just find a pic...

like this

or this

fuckin baggy ass p.o.s. pants that only metalheads and GRAVERS wear x_x

2004-08-03 23:34:40 ET

those're cool ^_^

2004-08-04 00:14:50 ET

hell no! they're too damn baggy! ew parachute pants!


2004-08-04 01:11:28 ET

u wanna be a graver, i can tell.

2004-08-04 01:13:00 ET



2004-08-04 01:16:09 ET

so u just want to get into my pants.

2004-08-04 02:02:21 ET


duh ;-P

2004-08-04 03:16:17 ET

can you walk/sit with that kind of pants? :P

2004-08-04 03:39:33 ET

Sure you can..!

Now that I think about it, I have one of those, but camo, and half the strap thingies have fallen already.

2004-08-04 11:53:44 ET

har har har
what brand are they?

2004-08-04 23:43:41 ET


2004-08-04 23:56:51 ET


i have not heard of that brand! X-D

actually the only reason i ask is cause if they're falling apart, they're probably morbid threads. but maybe im wrong

2004-08-05 00:24:02 ET

they're from the netherlands, i dunno

2004-08-05 00:27:03 ET

just like me!

well, yaknow, except for that "being from the netherlands" part...

2004-08-05 01:39:54 ET

well.. you are a pair of pants though.

2004-08-05 07:20:09 ET

damn straight!

2004-08-05 09:49:30 ET

no.. quite gay, actually.

2004-08-05 17:32:37 ET

.....your point?

2004-08-07 04:54:07 ET

err... dunno.

*humps ur leg*

2004-08-07 07:20:47 ET


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