2004-08-01 13:04:15 ET

I said goodbye to my sister and her husband. They're taking a flight tomorrow morning, and leavin Israel for two years.
London ain't waiting up for me..

Though Tel Aviv is okay, up till now :D

:: Listening to: Laibach - Tanz Mit Laibach ::

2004-08-02 00:28:15 ET

i still needs to get me to israel and partay with j00!

2004-08-02 04:39:44 ET

Me too.

2004-08-02 14:47:33 ET

feh, you guys say that every post ^___^

2004-08-02 17:09:19 ET

cause its always true! ;-P

2004-08-03 02:45:57 ET

so come the fuck over already! >:D

2004-08-03 03:23:29 ET

So give me some goddamned money and shit and maybe I will!

2004-08-03 13:21:32 ET

yeah, what she said!

and i want more shit than money!


2004-08-03 23:30:03 ET


u two are impecable.

2004-08-04 00:11:41 ET

so are you, hot papa!

2004-08-04 04:00:15 ET

OMG, I <3 you, you called me a big word!

2004-08-04 04:58:14 ET


<3 is in the air!

2004-08-04 22:50:15 ET

Of course, I will <3 my Shay forever and ever.

2004-08-04 23:43:20 ET

heh, aww, shuddduppp
ur makin me feel like a teddybear :D

2004-08-05 03:06:20 ET

stuffed? lifeless?

2004-08-05 03:23:40 ET

yes! ^_^

2004-08-05 03:38:30 ET

glad to hear my LOVE makes you feel LIFELESS

2004-08-05 04:46:27 ET

i am stuffed and inanimate of JOY.

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