Freaks of the Heartland
2004-08-04 23:50:13 ET

Aww man my head is spinning again. :P
Last night i went out to the monthly CHEESE party at the otherwise-dark-80's line. As per my usual stance at such events (and a lot of others too), I sat outside all night and drank substantial quantities of a myriad assortment of alcoholic beverages instead of going inside.
There was much fun in the air, I met Maya (welcome home girl!), some girls from my army unit who I haven't seen in 2 years and were both supposed to be abroad, and someone bought me a sandwich.

All n' all, a good night.

BTW, is the best site ever.

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2004-08-05 01:24:53 ET

someone eh?
more like your SUGARDADDY

2004-08-05 01:39:03 ET

I'm gonna make me and Benji a sign
"Will promote your party for food"

2004-08-05 02:09:16 ET

yeah last night was interesting...
thanks for the beer man, next time is on me!
and Noa, next time you decide to burn down the club, i think you'll need more than a garbage can with some wet papers in it and a cigarette butt. ;p

2004-08-05 02:34:25 ET

it worked on the last 3 times...
I just didn't have my partner in crime

2004-08-05 03:12:48 ET

Wow, Maya is really pretty.
Nothing to do with your post.

2004-08-05 03:27:50 ET

Maya - 'interesting'? You haven't seen the half of it! :D
Noa - Where was Benj anyway? *da icon dat scratches his head*
Angel - haha, rawkin', all Israeli SK chicks are h0t ^___^

2004-08-05 07:23:55 ET

he died.
a sad accident.

2004-08-05 09:49:04 ET

indeed. he shall be missed.

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